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Give 10 proposals of the parent

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Recently, the United States judges the outstanding teacher that give to taught a respect to offer 10 proposals to the parent in the family:
1. is praised more as far as possible. The child has certain self-confident heart, just be happy to learn.  

2. cares study content of the child and real progress degree more.  

3. often makes a few small goals that achieve easily. This can make the child feels to be able to be accomplished, be helpful for developing potential thereby, increase self-confidence.  

4. stimulation learns a desire. Not merely be confined to is written, all sorts of opportunities in capturing the life even allow child practice. For example, the child lets search place name, course from inside the book when making travel plan, measure a distance to wait.  

5. helps the child establish responsibility heart. Let the child learn to wash a bowl, wash a handkerchief, arrange oneself bed, appliance, use up that oneself responsibility.  

6. makes good example. Parents can be excited for an a new book, task unceasingly, relapse delibrate, so, under be influenced by what one constantly sees and hears, the child is affected with respect to imperceptible ground, read seriously, solve extracurricular experienced exercises, derive knowledge.  

7. does not want eristic before the child teacher as far as possible. Do not debase a teacher before the child especially, do not say " class of × Mr. × is told abysmally " , " × Mr. × is too meddlesome " etc.  

8. places domestic study custom. For example, "Do not finish exercise to must not go out to play " , " do not say to give the thing that acquires today to must not watch TV " etc, and be carried out first and last.  

9. guides the child to raise a question more. The child knowledge that loves to carry the child of the problem to accept knowledge than passivity masters fast and feel the load is light. A few ask more when the parent should foster the child to read why.  

10. takes seriously go to school. Because domestic problem brings about child be absent from school,avoid as far as possible. This is helpful for fostering what the child will come to respect industry drive.

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