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Education child paddles his own canoe ability

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Paddling one's own canoe is one of expression of healthy spirit, of the its life to the child, success that learns quality and line of business of grown funeral affairs and domesticity perfect have very main force.

When the child is controlled one year old, can undertake paddling one's own canoe sexual education. Let the child learn to paddle one's own canoe as a child, should accomplish a few following respects: You should know correctly understanding and understanding child the child is in what each age level place have generally all sorts of ability. Know to be in what age, the child should be met do what business, can let go so him business that allows him child is done, and do not depend on others.

Understand " of " special sex even. Know the child has what as different as other child place, to these special place, want to take special education accordingly. If some ability are the child's strong point, can ask so with higher level he; If child natural disposition is sensitive, recreant, should encourage him more so bold attempt.

Give sufficient activity freedom. Of the child paddle one's own canoe arise in independent activity and the gender develops, want to rear the child that paddle one's own canoe, should offer the opportunity that think independently and solves a problem independently for him.

Build close parentage with the child, make the child sufficient experience love. Because paddle one's own canoe sexual education, need the trustful feeling with the child and safe feeling to be a foundation. Become the child to believe only, regular when he encounters difficulty meeting gets assistance, he just is at ease likely go boldly probing the outside and attempt activity. Accordingly, when child activity, the parent should be accompanied beside, give encourage.

Successive, do not criticize casually. Paddle one's own canoe sexual education is a long-term course, need successive ground undertakes. Must not be eager to hope for success, make to the child's development exorbitant, unreasonable requirement. Also cannot not achieve your requirement temporarily because of the child, rebuke inscrupulously. Hold education to paddle one's own canoe sexual key period---When the child is two years old. Two years old or so, independent consciousness of the child increases, what thing should hold to him to do, reject the help of others. The first " that this is child psychology development is obdurate period " . Parent as it happens is OK make the best use of the circumstances, hold the child the psychological characteristic of this period, below the premise that assures child safety, let go the business that allows the child to become in one's power, offer him timelily proper help, guidance and praise, let the child enjoy successful pleasure.

Give the child a good example that paddle one's own canoe. The force of example is boundless. If yourself counts another person everywhere namely, take the errant idea, person that seeks a help easily to what thing, then you do not count on your child to be able to paddle your own canoe. Your every act, still have your quality, it is the example that the child is imitated and learns. So, paddle his own canoe from yourself first be made!
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