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How to encourage the child to read

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If your child discovers reading is a kind of successful and interesting experience, then you ought to be more in his heart embedded the desire that read. You should everyday or study several times to listen to the child every week at least, form time the habit that reads him to listen.  

The book that chooses interesting flavour sex looks to the child, for instance those have beautiful pictorial provoking the books that love. Children like to have the drawing of character, setting and they familiar thing and picture. Same, they also like animal picture. Fairy tale story is to children very attractive. Theory shows they are effective tool, can help children be avoided in understanding universal time suffer harm, and recognize reality and visional the difference between. Fairy tale story still can promote the abstract thinking of children and creativity thinking capability.  

Above all, the book space that sees to children must short, a few pages just, because the child's attention can focus a paragraph of small time only. Additional, these books are due bigger plate, detail is little. Children like those to have illustration mostly but the books that does not have a character.  

Want to ensure the character in the book understands easily. A book that the word imprints very greatly looks simple, but contain difficult word likely however, want its once-over beforehand so, see the character inside whether can be understood to accept by your child.  

When reading to listen to the child, get atmosphere very easily as far as possible cheerful, such their meetings experience more fun from which.  

When reciting, make finger mobile below the word that you had read, but child of not ambitious approach sees these words perhaps follow your finger reads a word.  

The thing in encouraging the child to notice picture or let them guess what will produce next. When they are done so, give praise.  

If the child asks, repeat read certain book; One he is special the book that love can be read repeatedly. Judging the best method that whether the child has fun at to a certain problem is: See him whether often speak of it, or the book that reads him to have initiative regain head how many times to see him like most.  

When the child shows him to want to read, to him a few he is familiar love and can " read " book, although he had learned the written language in the book. When the vocabulary that sees these is familiar with in other book when him later, he can understand them.  

Plan a few new books to the child, the story in these books had better have certain repeatability, and appear repeatedly same words and phrases.  

Although the child already can oneself are read also do not stop to read to listen to him. You and he spends this paragraph of close time together, he still can get a lot of pleasure from which.  

Teach the child to cherish a book, those who carry a book is neat, beautiful, do not let their scribble graffito.  
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