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Detailed rules of requirement of attestation teacher profession

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It is detailed rules of requirement of profession of attestation teacher member below:
1, in principle of library of family education talent the common colleges and universities that invite applications for a job has advanced record of formal schooling to teach recruit students competence is mixed in student of above of school undergraduate course other school strong point is crude.

2, ask attestation teacher to place working manner, make teaching in home as the student not only it is for part-work and part-study system, more important is social practice, lay next foundations to be on working station later, because this should be right each job is serious and responsible, study actively, the society gets used to an any challenges.

3, answer when doing family education to work punctual go to an appointment, make full use of time, produce oneself specialty, make be convinced of the parent, student at you.

4, preserve oneself culture, encounter a problem (if produce conflict to wait with the parent) should think the manner of person a person of exemplary virtue, solve calmly; Should not quarrel with parent happening even speak rudely, oneself insoluble problem, library of family education talent will inspect particular case to offer a help.

5, prepare teaching plan, teaching material and education plan seriously please, detailed knowledge parent asks the intention of family education and cooperate each other with the parent, the student that helps you with the the shortest, most effective method improves study result.

6, usually, when attestation teacher is accepting the family education job of library of family education talent to recommend, member of year of pay for sb and expect to be repaid later of the member that must accept the student union that we serve for first time expends 100 yuan, receive family education recommendation, give recommendation and charge receipt when arriving for the first time in student home student parent and the membership fee of collection pay for sb and expect to be repaid later.

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