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The 6 standards of child mental health

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The mark of child mental health has the following:

   1. seeks knowledge desire strong

Such child interest is wide, like to watch a thing, love thinks, thinking is nimble, whats want to learn, whats want to try, fast to strange thing reaction, dare to offer oneself view.

   2. psychokinesis is strong

Do not be afraid of difficulty and setback, do not achieve a purpose not to stop, never quit. Can dominate oneself desire and action according to his need, return the interference that can remove the outside and heart, center attention to undertake learn and working.

   3. is lively and hopeful

Association openness, as amiable as the person, do not conceal oneself feeling, accept the opinion of others gladly, encounter difficulty and the undesirable sentiment that the setback arouses to be able to be released very quickly, not in deposit heart.

   4. state of mind is balanced

Often maintain happy and happy state of mind, when anything crops up sober, the mood rises to fall greatly greatly rarely, analyse the problem that encounter can sensibly, show angst uneasiness or melancholy rarely.

   5. abounds sympathize with a heart

Be happy to help others, be happy to care others, often show " altruistic " and " close society " behavior.

   6. human relationship is good

Breadth of mind is open, esteem others, can get along well with others. Enter collective activity actively, get used to discipline tie and behavior standard

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