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How to make good teaching in home

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How to make good teaching in home
The generation of family education is a history is inevitable, here has his immediate reason. The pressure of child exam enter a higher school is greater and greater now; From long-term in light of, the problem of obtain employment and life quality also asks they are actualer and actualer, so this is the immediate cause that produces family education. Because,remote cause is present school, pedagogic class is in interim, and the circumstance of pedagogic team is at present uneven, very difficult contented and all student and parent are opposite a kind of such current situations educational demand. Still have a history and the reason with traditional nation, a such Chinese nations, the first hope children will have a bright future, the 2nd still have very deep learn and the traditional idea of actor criterion be an official. The evolution that teachs now already more and more incline to at individuation, education serves as such schools to give lessons with class make the educational pattern that give priority to, had gotten used to this kind of demand that teachs individuation completely very hard.
Look so from the reason of square field surface, producing family education to ought to say is inevitable, and it is in quite long period of time, still can have its very strong vitality, so I think great master from it is this on one hand the job, ought to saying to return is very significant. Of course, will tell as us, from the point of the allocation that teachs resource, family education is a kind of complement of school teacher and student, it is the component that teachs resource.
How does good family education do to talk about 6 problems below:
1. Establish true affection manner viewpoint of value
The manner is very important, study is a hard work, a kind of very painstaking work, and rather than is happy learn. The study manner of decorous student, it is very difficult that this ought to say, everybody has age advantage, we have the advantage of a very strong affinity, but I think more it is to allow teaching in home, go up from the effect or want to solve the problem of a study and education and viewpoint of value. Of course the problem of viewpoint of value, will tell to present student still is not very clear, but as the parent that asks us for, his brains is very clear, how look upon these problems, this is the problem that I talk about the first times.
2. Arouse interest, strict requirement
Present student says I am grouchy easily, the parent also does not have method, the teacher also does not have a law, so one is plant now socially special those who advocate, interest of that is to say is the power with the greatest study, I feel this word has stated reason, but not be all. The special target that we become this working face to be being faced is a student, he can have a kind of enthusiasm, it is the premise that we do good work. The interest that how arouses a student so is a work that we should do, but meanwhile, we still should let a student establish a scientific study manner, in other words, still have the problem of a strict requirement. This strict requirement, ask already ourselves, we cannot discuss the issue wrong, cannot explain knowledge wrong, the problem that the question that cannot raise the classmate answers, give an irrelevant answer, we should want to solve these. Want strict requirement ourselves, but also should ask strictly at the same time our student, if do not have a kind of very strict scientific manner, the study that I consider to several manage are changed should learn from good examples, it is very difficult.
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