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Gao Cheng: Chinese bank make a person infatuate no longer

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" finance and economics " reporter Fu Tao

The industry grade of course of study of Bank of China from " have appeal " be reduced to come " neuter " , china appears on the market 14 times the share price of 12 months target of the bank is moved considerably low, only a bank is given " buy " grade

[" net of finance and economics " stalk of grain only / reporter Fu Tao] of stock of estate of Bank of China bought an opportunity to arrive? This kind of stock whether become second in borrowing cycle of be issued to lower levels of crisis or economy " port " ? Yesterday, gao Chengxin gives the research of furnace to report, the person that discuss for heat undoubtedly people spill went up cold water of one gourd ladle.
The report that published this on September 9 shows, fill the industry grade course of study of Bank of China high from " have appeal " reduce to " neuter " .
Fill a report high to turn flourishing age into Wei Yan. China appears on the market 14 times the share price of 12 months target of the bank is moved considerably low, among them case of H share price reduces 26 % on average, case of A share price is reduced on average amount to 41 % .
Bank of China drop since this year already exceeded 50 % , and these banks were not in up to now significant loss that borrows the crisis to suffer clearly.
Contrary, one Zhi Duxiu's outstanding achievement is conspicuous. This year first half of the year, china appears on the market 14 times the average net gain of the bank grows nearly 100 % . Peng rich company says in the report during Beijing Olympic Games even, course of study of Bank of China is seized " financial Olympic " gold.
Up to on September 5, 14 appear on the market the mean city net rate of the bank is 2.4 times about, mean city is filled with rate for 11 times, all amount to historical low.
A few orgnaizations release a report to say, buy an opportunity to draw near, even if stems from defense strategy to consider, chinese bank also will be one of best choices with not much amount to.
Chinese birthday (Shanghai bourse code: 601628) before presiding investment Guan Liule flies to two weeks comment, have sex of contemporary watch. Liu says, field of A stock market is deep a few value already appeared to invest an opportunity after the callback, but in the choice particular investment field still wants discreet. He discloses, equity of Chinese birthday second half of the year kind investment will be centered in financial domain.
However, fill an analyst high to say in the report, because invest cut, favorable balance of trade to drop and the element such as policy risk, chinese macroscopical economy is added fast be faced with put delay, this round drop in cycle, chinese commercial bank especially stability bandwidth is bigger in small bank, the asset quality 2009 and interest poor income are becoming not affirmatory.
The same day of afore-mentioned comments is published in Liu Lefei, traffic bank (Shanghai bourse code: 601328, code of Hong Kong bourse: 03328) president Jiang Chaoliang expresses, to big bank, this one gain (hand in a growth of net first half of the year gain to be as high as about 80 % ) growth rate already should see a top.

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