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Why dare not or would not speak up " do not help city " ?

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Hu Shu standsAlways the 208th period publication date: 2008-03-31

The stock market should be not saved, cannot save, also need not save

The stock market always does not make person passion insurgent, reality is very frozen. On March 27, card put together points to on drop 3500 bits brokener, be apart from the perch that evened more 6100 a little bit last year in October to drop nearly half. Then, we hear demand government often to save the eager appeal of city. Current, city is helped on the market the proposal is multifarious, in including a few security market to develop the problem of construction already due justice, again a few aim to hold the high index, short-term action that hurts a system in the palm, property is disparate mutual even contradiction. Its core depends on emphasizing a government must helping city, responsible also very be necessary, ask for help of it may be said in succession urgent.
Probably because of the public opinion pressure that brings from this, we saw the show that superintendency layer makes the person is incomprehensible: On March 13 " two meetings " during, shanghai put together points to drop 4000 bits brokener that day, chinese card inspect meets a high-level public figure is the calm expresses first, superintendency layer won't be acted " the part that help city " ; Morrow however urgent deny, firm say to never had said " do not help city " , censure " the reporter is written foolishly " . So, is the government saved after all to the market or do not save? Till today, people still did not hear superintendency branch clarity, courageous and resolute answer.
Actually, in order to superintend person earnest identity, why dare not or would not speak up " doesn't the government help city " so far? This can make the person regrets very much only!
The stock market has ups and downs oneself, the government should be not saved, cannot save, also need not save. This is the basic common sense of market economy originally, also be the basic standard that manage of the person that the market is superintended goes when carry out. The truth is very simple: The government cannot decide duty already, also come to what adjusting control regards the price as signal without cognitive level point to, with ten million investor rich weichis as good as at kick against the pricks. If say, in China's young capital market, important task of basic system construction is in the market shoulder, downturn of market of administrative layer option rolls out a few reform policy is understandable; But accordingly and in subjective go up to put what help city with policy to want unexpectedly, of wrong erroneous to. As to get short-term act to help city, hurt a system this, give the market avowedly with " the government helps city " clew, it is to break more cannot be.
Market of capital of China of turn one's head is close development road of 20 years, the government stems from all sorts of pressure, associate with also theres is no lack of " help city advocate " behavior, but what accompany to it is a chain of only v/LIT be utterly defeated. The lesson of deep feeling of grief proves already, china " national condition " did not make the market moves deviate from basic regulation. The responsibility of the person that superintend depends on abiding by " 3 fair " principle, uphold market order, either also cannot be to make sure investor earns only not compensate. This has become the consensus of participator of current and rational market. Current, point to glide, save the acoustical recrudesce of city, if superintendency layer appeals to in blame reason beg before shifty-eyed, dare not or would not speak up " do not help city " , can give only unidentified in numerous take fluky psychology and airy space newly in vain into city community investor, create pressure of for no reason to highest policymaker, be a kind lift irresponsibly.

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