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The psychological cause of formation of act of problem of student of rural junio

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"Problem act " it is a special concept, it has not at violating criminality, have again not at now and then wrong action, it is to show the child cannot observe standard of accepted normal children behavior and moral standard, cannot interact with the person normally and participate in the behavior of study.
Admittedly, the generation of problem act has a lot of subjective with objective element, but serious analysis rises, we can find the source of these problem act more scientificly from psychological angle. Common saying says, "Treat a disease beard effect a permanent cure " , captured its essence only, our ability from go up at all suit the remedy to the case.
Every child is one emerges the life that change, they need a person to care him, need person values his human dignity, see him when the person, every child hopes to have sense of justice and the urge for improvement, however, these reasonable requirements fail to get when 満 is sufficient, some children are in bear silently while anguish is tormented, to seek the thing that he ought to get, go wrong road, formed problem act so.
The country is a special environment, thought, culture is more backward, information is relatively out-of-the-way. The surroundings of student of rural junior high school, culture level of parents and educational means, the traditional education idea with relatively backward school body and mind that affecting a student more or less develops. Now, as the change of world economic situation, social development, the change of coastal city world-shaking, bump the heart of children from inside all sorts of medium, be in " psychology breaks breast " period student of junior high school faces relatively backward surroundings and gorgeous external environment already excited be worried, want to cast off depend on, the requirement acquires the position of equal independence in the family, but this a few normal and reasonable requirements often not as harmonious as real environment produce psychological unbalance thereby, plus certain and special exterior element effect, formed student of rural junior high school relatively urban student's relatively serious problem conduct.
Concrete analysis, existing in student of rural junior high school a few kinds of such more outstanding issues behavior.
(one) demand cannot get contented aggressive problem act.
Case (1) :
Gong is such-and-such, male, be first 3 students, brains sagacity, agile, curiosity is strong. Domestic economic atmosphere is general, be addicted to of father excessive drinking is betted, disposition relatively impetuous. Maternal distrust husband, often quarrel with the husband, domestic concern is intense. Gong Mou very the family that envies a classmate is harmonious, all sorts of strange thing that have to other classmate are very curious. And he at ordinary times proper requirement often refuses by parents or distrust, repeatedly interrogate. Time grows, his mood is fretted, learn involuntarily, bunt on classroom constantly teacher, constant provoke and person fight after the class. Development escapes to later class, kip. So far, its parents still grouses each other, dispute over trifles. When individual psychology coachs he says: "I want to read good book very much, I am yearning also the life of big Shanghai, but my home unlike the home, often be hit by father. Anyway, I am to did not hope. I am to did not hope..
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