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Beg you, broadcast a spot other! Cctv-8

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Beg you, broadcast a spot other!

"Han drama! Han drama! It is Han drama! Open a TV set in the evening everyday, take a remote controller, move CCTV - 8, be in for certain 100 percent the drama that sow Han. Can be the teleplay that does not have other country besides Han drama sowed? " the resonance that went up to cause numerous netizen to the condemn post of Han drama in some community forum yesterday. Have more the netizen wrote 8 sets to adjure a letter to CCTV.

"Our dear CCTV-8 covers teleplay channel, everyday in the evening gold time, those who put is the teleplay of Korea. One catchs, it is Korea completely piece, still often let off, let a person be overcome really! !

" merman young lady " did not know to be put how many times, still have " the man of bathhouse boss home " , " looked again " it is grows so that follow an old lady foot-binding cloth like, smelly grow again, all the year round, perpetual; What is this year " yellow handkerchief " , it is " lovely you " .

Hear homebred TV series has more than 10000 market every year, also did not see what you put.

The whole world is so multilateral, I do not believe to do not have the teleplay of more good-looking than Han drama other country, also put a few to have depth. And more abhorrent is, often those a few people are in dub, especially that becomes warped the Chen Gong of the tongue, not be to say she matchs badly, but if each sea dispatches from foreign news agency inspects drama,have them only,a few are matching, let a person be heard, feel disgusting.

Intense proposal, CCTV-8 was covered in the evening, can change Korea teleplay stage. Can change Korea teleplay stage..

1 clue is laggard

Each resembles the man the Tang Dynasty monk

Drama is made expatiatory. For instance " merman young lady " , " yellow handkerchief " , " looked again " at every turn more than 100 collect. The man is compared inside Han drama the Tang Dynasty monk 啰 Suo, the petty thing with sesame seed big gram says for go.

2 male strong female weak

Heroine is more but person

In Han drama " male strong female weak " the phenomenon is very serious, heroine is independent and family circumstances poor, aspirant mostly be in oppressive environment personally again " but person " .

3 figures are similar

Love is so similar

Look much Korea teleplay, although every subject is different, but remain essentially the same despite all apparent changes. End is a few big kinds: One, begin female one is opposite male one has adamantine love, male heart is in however female on 2 body, female 2 are opposite male love ignore. Male 2 are opposite however female an appreciation is caressed... 2, female one is mixed male a childhood that has beauty is experienced, be innocent playmates however because of specific reason space two ground, after be brought up, encounter again... 3, female a princess that is be in distress, do not have domestic warmth as a child, live under another's roof the life that lives melancholy, and the princess that oneself are rich other people originally, be in distress arrived between every, the truth is clear later, seek a seat that belongs to oneself. 4, what do not have love originally is female one is mixed male, the life because of parents is other perhaps of the element press, live in a home, as a result of often chafe and produced love scintilla.
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