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"Hot money " care

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Hu Shu standsAlways the 215th period publication date: 2008-07-05

Current " hot money " problem itself is not worth deep concern, but the grimmest challenge that Chinese economy faces remains input fluidity superfluous push high inflation level, minatory economy health and society are stable, should hold to a RMB to appreciate for this process
"Hot money " roaring, accompanying the heat wave of midsummer, become the one big popular topic of Chinese economy. Current " hot money " how many to have after all, expert scholar remains Ren Zhi each other to see, but this year first half of the year " hot money " flow into add fast promote considerably, already became the fact that does not dispute. Recently, total office of bureau of the canal outside the country, Department of Commerce, customs begins to take a series of step, superintend in order to enhance capital flow, perfect exit and receive examine and verify of settlement of exchange, the attention that shows a government to flow to crossing area sth used to one's own advantage more is close, monitoring day is severe.
Straight face is added increasingly of drama " hot money " the challenge is necessary undoubtedly. Actually, form from the RMB appreciate since anticipating, "Hot money " the nerve that 2 words are stimulating compatriots ceaselessly; And the RMB appreciates, it is the derive result that Chinese economy grows for a long time continuously. because of this, foreign currency capital is swarmed into in great quantities, have have sth in mind already among them short-term cover interest " stake " person, also sharing the long-term investor that Chinese economy grows of purpose. The favorable balance of trade of balance of payments is the source of income of foreign currency of Chinese a huge sum, "Hot money " arise on the foundation here and add fuel to the fire, more because come one year,economy of wave motion of Euramerican money market glides and aggravate.
Should appreciate only anticipate still last, "Hot money " avoid hard. And current " hot money " be anxious to warm up, result from the consideration of two disparate arrangement of ideas, it is afraid firstly " hot money " now " enter greatly " the other day " big " , may cause the impact that assesses hard to Chinese money market and even hypostatic economy; It is afraid secondly " hot money " flow into add fast, to domestic macroscopical economic situation, especially of monetary policy carry out bring negative effect. Of course, both also cross correlation.
We think, these two kinds are anxious all not without the truth. But at former need not the exaggerate of care, cannot treat sth lightly absolutely at latter.
"Enter big greatly " care, direct with " hot money " digital estimation is relevant. Current the estimation of all sorts of expert scholars, all have to 1.75 trillion dollar from two -647710720 dollars, difference is quite big. In fact, if strict will " hot money " the definition seeks profit for short-term seize a chance to seek private gain and the capital of market of China of pass in and out, eliminate the can take for a long time in churchyard international sth used to one's own advantage after flowing into then outer, "Hot money " or more than at two -647710720 dollars, but also won't exceed very much. This one scope is not little, but can't shake essential, itself need not het-up. Those who pay close attention to capital " enter big greatly " , more need to care economy this.
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