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[landed predicament] constant depreciates greatly leave Nanjing building town ch

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" finance and economics " reporter Gong Jing

Constant depreciates greatly lift accentuation the wait-and-see state of mind of the person that Nanjing buys a house, land agent from this anxious

  [" net of finance and economics " stalk of grain only / reporter Gong Jing]There will be building of nearly 40 homes in September dish the Nanjing building city of open quotation, dan Zaiheng earth produces a group two buildings dish low falls into the case of city, the price goes situation becoming delicate rise.
" finance and economics " understanding arrives, nanjing building city is in traditional busy season " Jin Jiuyin 10 " germinant, appear two big change. It is to cover all the time the development business of dish of cherish carry out will be pushed in a large-scale in September dish. According to website of local estate portal " 365 real estate live in a net " preliminary count, share 37 Lou Panchu to decide that month open quotation. In September, situation general became Nanjing in October building city pushed a house 2008 highest tide. 2 it is firm in September at the beginning, 3 land agent use that have countrywide force depreciate " kill action " .
On September 1, be located in the Shanghai era that the area involves below Nanjing Pan Shimao of the building below luxuriant group division bank Jiang Xincheng comes out message, to many 20 end dish clothbound repairs a room to undertake 75 lose a sale; Almost meanwhile, the Jin Yuti of real estate of 10 thousand families is sweet with red house of 10 thousand divisions, in the light of its 70 square metre are mixed 50 square metre door model undertake 8 lose privilege, jin Yuti of 10 thousand divisions is sweet 70 square metre door model from eleven thousand five hundred yuan / square metre, fall reach 9200 yuan / square metre.
But till at that time, outside the river north that Nanjing room city eliminates traffic inconvenience, depreciate be confined to end dish or specific room. On September 5, constant big real estate announces two buildings of Nanjing dish as will other as the whole nation 11 buildings dish carry out together " 85 fold " privilege, the garden of constant big oasis that is located in river peaceful area among them becomes Nanjing city head home depreciates in the round building dish.
The nuclear price of garden of big to constant oasis is bureau of prices of peaceful area of Nanjing city river 7480 yuan / square metre, actual price only 4600 yuan / square metre, fall amount to 35% above. With market price of a sector of an area 5500 yuan / square metre above, a sector of an area falls about 16% .
" finance and economics " reporter a few days ago early or late in September with many domestic general the land agent of open quotation undertakes contacting. Their majority does not want to demonstrate an attitude to media, but admit constant depreciates greatly the impact is very big, express to studying the way to deal with a situation.
Its attitude is basic it is 3 kinds, majority chooses Jing Guanheng to depreciate greatly of incident evolve, of short duration does not go out action; Partial building dish express to stand fast market price, although sell temporarily,do not go out to also want to hold to; Little part building dish express to had considered to depreciate, but fall had not decided finally.
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