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It is typical that the undergraduate buys a house " Chinese characteristic " ?

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In message somebody was in extensive network Lanzhou on May 31 the play on the net says, it is typical that the undergraduate buys a house " Chinese characteristic " . "Without giving thought to,foreign parents lets go mostly after the child is grown, we present parents is good, had read attend a college still worry about not was over. " a netizen says so in card of the hair on the net.

For female to be a singleton now mostly China parents, enjoy the child " compress " the fate that is them it seems that.

China in Normal University sociology fastens Xu Xiaojun analysis to say, to having the parent of economic capacity for, the phenomenon that aids financially grown children to buy a house is very common, unquestionable also, saying with its is " of the parent dote on overly " , be inferior to saying is domestic member a kind between " people in the same condition help each other " the action, will make do jointly " Yuan Chao gives income level " the room borrows big hill.

Undeniable, house price is high it is the main driving force that many parents and undergraduate buy a house ahead of schedule, one is reading a graduate student to say frankly, breakfast buys a house also is a kind of investment actually, he thinks house price can rise again only in the future, buy a house to keep a cost. A lot of parents approve this kind of idea, think " graduation lays in a room " , with buy insurance about the same. Whether the development that the problem is estate market is like student and parent certainly wish, with respect to may not. At present the country has used adjusting control policy, the risk with particular under cover of backside of rising house price. Accordingly, the youth should breed more rational spending outlook.

Estate personage points to continuously, the buy employment program in school undergraduate is unscientific, because graduate their reimbursement ability is limited. Especially if buy a house person 30% what still borrow defray to exceed lunar income, can affect life quality, also can increase the credit risk of the bank at the same time.

Accordingly, industry major personage points out, answer to buying a house do according to one's abilities, the youth is OK the ability according to oneself, "Rent a house -- the small family in buying room -- change buy large family house " " ladder second consumption " pattern is more logical.

What make a person afraid at the same time is, parents still calculates in the prime of one's life in oneself when, undertake to the child hastily " give generous financial support " , the possibility is distinct without the consideration, how does the old age that misfires to oneself do?

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