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Big doctor raises fly day to be aimed at into financing of a thousand pieces of

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Fly, kind of dirty and bored insect is in the idea of people. However, look in entomology expert, each fly, it is " protein treasury " . Hu Xinjun of doctor of institute of Zhongshan university insect, taking the son of one's master of 2 graduate students, 2 million yuan of capital that raises money with the individual is in a garrison post of Yu division large post is high Sha Cun contracted 3 mus of farming ground, breed fly technically. Two months come down, day produces maggot of 1 ton of fly and 4 tons of high grade organic fertilizer. It is the circular economy chain of core with fly, brought rich and generous economy redound to them. Hu Xinjun says: "Our fly, can fly into the stock exchange sooner or later.

Can fly into the stock exchange sooner or later..

Close in basket full fly

The reporter is in like fly wanton and indiscriminate bombing " buzz " Hu Xinjun saw in sound, his stature is not tall, but underhand method is swift, very keen-witted and capable. This " buzz " sound, it is ten million fly salvo gives out " chorally " , in the black net that each high density spends, fly full fly! Be in aside in long channel, twist of densely covered white maggot bug is worn oneself soft waist, occasion terribly is grand.

Hu Xinjun is the 2 grade doctoral student of major of entomology of resource of institute of Zhongshan university insect, with other " old pedant " different, arrive from undergraduate course doctor, he is in all the time make money.

Hu Xinjun tells a reporter, as the student, he moves the lab to farm: "The adviser supports me very much, be produce learn to grind to be united in wedlock. " Hu Xinjun has the talent that make money it seems that: Undergraduate course phase, he did a bakery in the school, income quite abundant; Graduate student strong enter a school, he discovers building of new student dormitory did not install curtain and looking glass exquisitely, through " buy in and sell at a profit " this different lives in things, he is small earned brushstroke. Take an examination of on after the doctor, hu Xinjun is clever ground open up a scientific research, profitable neither by accident way: Raise fly, move the lab to fly farm.

Hu Xinjun laugh says: "Entomology is a major of an unexpected winner, obtain employment is difficult, graduate student graduation also takes 3000 yuan salary. After waiting, the company is done big, younger sister of division of junior fellow apprentice is much also choice of an obtain employment.
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