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Paid Family forbidden and can not help thinking

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The teachers engaged on the issue and the Paid Family disputes, long standing position of different interests, each side, and also the matter of opinion; before the people within the school education department issued a document, including some self-discipline and management, and sometimes even severe penalties to stop, and recently in some provinces is up to government level, the so-called paid tutor legislative management issues, based on community awareness for the Paid Family and perspectives of different opinions about the legislation are also in different directions, not long ago we just see Anhui, Hebei, Shandong and other provinces have legislation against teachers paid tutor, has triggered a wave of controversy, recently, Shandong, Zhejiang Province, following the legislative suppression of the Standing Committee and after the opposite direction to legislate paid conditional release Tutoring, again, "the teachers paid tutor in the subject" into the cusp.

According HANGZHOU, Oct. 19 Xinhua teachers in the school can not engage in paid tutor, has been the focus of attention of the wider issues. Recently, conditional release, Zhejiang People's Congress to legislate paid tutor, again, "the teachers paid tutor in the subject" into the cusp. Reported that, for now a universal paid tutoring phenomenon, suggested that the teacher's responsibility is teaching and educating, but now some of the teachers have become slaves of money, money eyes, and ruined the atmosphere. Others that have a market economy, and teachers in the use of their labor to make money that wrong? In a press interview, some experts pointed out that given what Zhejiang law, not only the test of legislative wisdom, and also will have the wind significance. And we also see the proposed legislation in Zhejiang, shortly before the opening of paid tutoring, which is July of this year, Zhoushan City, Daishan County Board of Education dealt with a serious violation paid tutor secondary school teachers to engage the problem of imposing order on the teachers all the illegal income tutor turned over to the school, returned to the students by the parents of the school uniform treatment. And the withholding of the teacher all the bonuses within a year. Opposite attitude, equally I do not know why they even confused.

In fact, for the phenomenon of teachers engaged in the Paid Family prohibit Ye Hao, open Ye Hao, managed to rise to the level of provincial legislation does not really solve the problem, nothing in the different legislative approach, is that by the social debate on the pros and cons about Paid Family opposed people thought and effort that teachers put into their own teaching work in addition to the extra profit, it will affect the normal quality of teaching, tutoring paid for not afford to go the other children do not fair, and the Paid Family teacher suspected of operating without a license, tax evasion tax evasion, etc., to support the people believe, the teacher in his spare time on their own ability to make money, just work on their own hands to make money, why not? Other professional use of spare time to make money as the sand, why do things have to take the teacher said. Who said looks are justified, most of the education sector is basically the attitude seems to oppose, and in turn the parents of children in most cities, however, took a supportive attitude, of course, teachers will not object, although from the Paid Family Most profit is limited to some popular English language courses including physics and chemistry shown with some of professional expertise such as literature and art, may have more teachers can not get some benefits.

Why do I say that whether it is legislation to ban or legislation opening up the teacher paid tutor, does not fundamentally solve the problem, in fact, seen from the deep roots, we know, and now widespread throughout the country have all kinds of paid tutor reality, even if Some schools are strictly prohibited in our teachers paid tutor amateur, there will be a huge economic interests and have a family with students in the form of income, the paid up classes, counseling; privately leased out the house, were paid tutor, or with a partner, rent out taught a class of sites; arbitrarily puts in a lot of social forces and other training institutions can be described as Jinerbuzhi. And as reported in the above examples: while school teachers tutor the subject of much criticism paid, but many parents are never bored. "Please a tutor and is not the same without you." Hangzhou secondary school children are Mr. Xie said that two months before the child's math scores are in the middle and lower classes, and now after you had a tutor come to counseling once a week, the current child's test scores were significantly improved, self-confidence in learning mathematics is enough.

This presents us with a problem, everyone knows that in-service teachers engage in paid tutor will certainly affect the normal teaching, teachers are bound to the interests of the gains and losses to measure their own work to their own position or to adjust to more or less inevitably affect the quality of teaching being the case, many teachers are still against the wind and is, who face the risk of punishment continue to engage in paid tutor Actually, it is simply because in China there is a huge community , attractive tutoring market, the huge economic benefits and market form a generalized social phenomenon of paid tutor, I am afraid this spectacular phenomenon is also unique in the world, the extent, the Chinese characteristics, in Sri Lanka as Sheng. Is strange how much money the pockets of parents, many have no place to spend? Of course not, Tracing the source, have to blame China's unique exam-oriented education system, have to blame the education sector itself. Why would parents paid tutors rush? Why do most people do not oppose the opening Paid Family? Fundamental reason is that today's education system itself is a CD score on the exam-oriented education system, we all have to squeeze onto the single-plank bridge entrance examination, evaluation of a students education is the only criterion for success of test scores, that is, scores, parents familiar with this point, the school also understand that teachers are more aware, and even to evaluate a school, a teacher's teaching are limited to student test scores, that being the case, as parents, to their children's future, many students in order to be able excel, stand out, choose the plus special treatment outside the normal school-style paid tutor, it is not surprising, since the parents are willing to even his teeth paid money to send their children to tutoring on the course, and even fear that Paid Family form is prohibited, and that the formation of such a large market of paid tutoring, but also is to blame? In the final analysis or examination of the deep-rooted education system; and turn on Paid Family problems, although often-criticized, though different public opinion, and that all educational institutions throughout the provinces to legislate against you Ye Hao, open or whatever, There can not be paid to resolve the root causes of tutoring a huge market, and ultimately education departments have their own thinking and a fundamental solution.

Therefore, we prohibit the discussion or open, the pros and cons, and even up to the teacher's Virtue and other issues, in fact only a surface phenomenon related to, or see is the immediate social problems, and rarely involves the occurrence of This universal phenomenon of deep-seated problem of the education system, teachers are human and can thrive on the market and the interests of the world are all hee hee Lee, the world Rangrang are all benefits to, not to mention such as doctors and other professional is not also in the amateur time to practice medicine doctor fees, can not say completely immoral Paid Family and unreasonable, the key is that our education system in the end do? In the end what to train the country's future?

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