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Spell spell out a bunch of pleasure to tutor

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Shopping fight, food fight, and now even the tutor smart parents have begun to "fight" with you. Less money spent did not say, children with companion, learning motivation up, even the parents to read with their parents but also save a lot of time and energy. However, Remind the industry, tutoring is not to fight for every child. Student Music: eat regularly in class, more lively To keep his son lose at the starting line, Mr. Zhang his wife to spend money on a special teacher to teach children English. The problem comes, his son is a "monkey skin," the old school lost its patience when looking around. He smiled a strange hippie Face, the teacher is no way he could get. One month down, even based Institute of greeting, how to say no. Son, not enough classes "boring" and not happy to continue on. Mr. Zhang noted that each square with his son play in the district, met the other kids there, and he always performed well: generous, polite, and also took the initiative with a young brother and sister to play, "I think of using this , Together with his son companionship tutor children. "Do not mind a tutor to teach. Mr. Zhang together with a few parents, some people respond very quickly to find the two almost came together a large class of children. Sure enough, with new partners to join, each time the teacher asked, rushing to answer the three children at once. Son considered "seniors", sometimes he also helped the teacher to correct pronunciation from the other kids. That serious trial of strength to the side of "stealing Glimpse of "the smiling Mr. Zhang," costs less, high efficiency. " Parents Music: saves time and effort Fight tutor, not only to spell the child's learning efficiency, but also for parents to save time and effort. Miss Qin Shamao Lane, who lives large, the son was studying the first two days, "quite well, is physically a bit difficult." Miss Qin hired a tutor for students of Tokyo, on Saturday morning two-hour meeting in the afternoon. Whenever this time, Ms. Qin total And take care of the side, tea and bottled water is not that the child's lectures have scanned the results, there was not dreaming, and so on. Seeing the child's physical performance up, and happy, she is also a bit much, "accompanied them, I have wasted a Saturday." Ms. Qin is the name of yoga enthusiasts, in order to accompany children's yoga classes every Saturday not Not canceled, "do not accompany it, and feel at ease." One day, she and colleagues complain, the other had an idea, "My relatives children are Chijin physics, it is better together on." As a result, each school site in the rotation between the two, round two of the adults with care Children. Son to fight someone's home course, Miss Qin also to practice yoga safely. Music Teacher: fewer errands, did not earn less money Nanjing University of Zhao Mingyu senior this year, from the sophomore, he began to part-time tutor. Relying on excellent results, good conversation, but good at summing up learning, every weekend he became "very busy" on the run up to Three or four. Sometimes the two are separated far away, to save money, he quickly stepped on more than half an hour bike. So when some parents asked to bring along two children can listen together, costs have been increased, he readily accepted, "saving time to run errands, make money did not get much worse." For example, he said, to A student meeting Learning high school mathematics, charging 70 yuan for two hours, three students at the same time, then paid as little as 50 yuan per person. But for the teacher, the total revenue raised, one had 150. Industry: fight lesson to vary However, Nanjing Sunshine tutoring center has many years experience in the Indian teachers tutoring to remind parents that not all children are suited to "fight" with school. He explained that some children based on the weak, requiring teachers to carry out the whole system Side "back kitchen", which for "one to one" teaching. Some children are introverted, do not take the initiative to show love, but to fight class on making it easier to feel neglected. In addition, parents sometimes psychological comparisons weight, number of children a Pieces will inevitably be compared, children will inevitably lead to unnecessary stress. At the same time, he suggested that before the fight, the parents set a good deal better, and discuss a good place and time of the class turns to avoid future disputes.
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