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Tutoring Art: Do not Let the "careless words" injury to a child heart

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Taboo -: intimidation, then When the baby naughty naughty, and when the baby crying ... ... a lot of wayward mother always pull out "threatening" moves --- "You cry, you Diao put the monster away!" "You do not listen, I Do not you! "Indeed, this mode it may be effective with good children, but the long run, they will lose their sense of security for life baby, and even the formation of a nervous child's personality. Recommendation: When the baby for some requirements are not met, or an act to stop the crying face, mothers approach can be used to divert attention first to the baby's resistance to easing, and then patiently explained the reason to help the requirements of their analysis is wrong or inappropriate behavior. Of course, not to the baby mothers are accustomed to reject any request, that the relative may wish to meet their reasonable requirements. In addition, mothers can also use the cold treatment approach to the baby's crying, give them enough time and space for baby to learn their own mood. For those who do not listen to the baby's behavior, mothers should look for more from their own reasons, and may wish to abandon the preaching and nagging, for types of expressions may be able to receive an unexpected effect, relative yelling, the baby is more receptive to recommendations and discuss --- "If your baby can pick up toys, the mother will be especially pleased!" "Baby, you decide will depend on how long the TV." Taboo II: the words of ridicule I believe that no mother would really laugh at my baby, but sometimes some of the words her mother allows the baby to listen to a "mockery" of taste: for example, my mother deliberately imitates the baby's bad pronunciation or language problem; another example, imagine the baby's mother jokes impractical, and so on. These irregularities can cause the baby timid and nervous to try, shy expression, lack of confidence. Recommendation: the exchange between mother and baby should be equal and get along with, mother to the baby, said the positive performance recognition for the brave attempt to express appreciation for your baby, your baby should not repeat deficiencies or ridicule. When the baby because of fear of failure arising from timid, self-esteem, and other emotions, the mother should continue to encourage the baby to alleviate their psychological pressure, and with a positive attitude as much as possible to help the baby's ability to enhance the anti-frustration. Taboo III: vent, then "You can not own a little later?" "You're so annoying how ah?" "I do extra mad at you!" The mother casually out of the vent their negative emotions can harm the baby are immeasurable, and it would seriously Family hurt the feelings of anxiety will lead to the baby, anxiety, nervousness, sensitivity and other emotions, and even affect the baby's mental health and personality development. Suggestion: when the mother and baby together to try to keep calm and happy mood, not to their own stress, irritability and other negative emotions out on your baby. Successful approach is that when bad mood, can be occasional baby care of my grandmother or father, own some, such as reading, drawing and so be able to calm emotions, relieve heart of things, should not let your baby become a punching bag or a bad mood mother scapegoat. Taboo IV: Fighting words "Can you do that?" "You sure you do right?" Said the mother of such words is to avoid the baby may be proud of, perhaps in order to stimulate the baby progress, but no matter what kind of motivation for this approach are undesirable , so questioning attitude will only hit the baby's self-confidence. Recommendation: mothers please look at to appreciate and encourage your baby's every attempt to work with each to know the baby's success stems from a positive mother suggested that the advantages of the baby from the mother constantly find the need to encourage the growth of the baby need to praise, need to appreciate the need publicity, or even need to be proud, so do not be stingy with her praise of her mother, telling the baby, "You are so good."
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