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On the one-child family education

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Government family planning in China has been a substantial increase in child, household structure changed dramatically, triggering a series of social problems. Some people even put some child as "little emperors", "Little Princess", the one-child family education has become the focus of social concern. Today, some of our families and parents neglect their children's education and training, children, family education, the impact of the traditional education is obvious. China, the basic tenets of traditional education is the "obedient": abide by Fuming, Fushoutieer is the good boy; independence Chiji see, its own way is the bad boy. Specifically, parents always like to their own standards to children, parents have the final say in the implementation of a single model. Many parents bother to communicate with their children and exchange, can not tolerate an equal relationship with the child, over time, the distance between parents and children growing, causing the children "emotional hunger." On the other hand, many parents indulge their children excessively, so that they formed in thought, "I best in the world" and who is not afraid of the wrong idea. First, the importance of family education Good family life education is one the earliest start of the deepest kind of education. Parents are their children's first teachers, but also life-long teacher. The importance of family education, aims to family and society, education sector to educate the next generation take on the task. (A) parents and their children have more contact is conducive to children's education. Individual education, because teaching is only the biggest advantage of home education. Children from birth to six or seven years before going to school, most of the time living in the home. Even after school, at home, the time is still longer than in school. To live a long and special parent-child relations, making the parents to in-depth and systematic understanding of the overall situation in the children, so do home education of children from reality, to carry out targeted education. (B) family education school education, compared with continuity. Child is born, from small to large almost two-thirds of the time living in families receiving the parents into education. Such education is the parents in their own words and actions affect their children anytime, anywhere education on children's living habits, moral character, manners, etc. to give impact and demonstration effect of their subtle considerable, with the person's life. This often reflects the lifelong education of family tradition of a family, family tradition is good or bad people often have to continue for generations. At the same time family tradition but also reflect the style of study of a family, study, good or bad is often continued for generations. The continuity of family education, family, talent groups often have important influence on the rise. (C) of the Family Education is the most direct and vivid and the most dynamic education. The special relationship between parents and children determine the physical and mental development of their children, parents play an extraordinary role. Because children and parents in the blood, economy, and share thoughts and feelings are closely linked, and therefore the most direct impact of the family, the most vivid and most often, the most profound. The special relationship between parents and children among them prone to emotional resonance. The performance of family education for parents direct their children's indoctrination, propaganda and teachings, many aspects of family life, factors that will play a subtle infiltration of the role of the child. Family and cultural environment, language, environment, life habits, and even the words and deeds of their parents, will be under the influence of the monasteries, unknowingly infiltrated into the ideology of the child to go. Evaluation of all parents, talk, children may become the basis of moral evaluation. The demeanor of the parents, hobbies could become a model for their children, their children played an invaluable role in the growth. (D) Family education is an important complement to school education and extension. Although the school education system is organized and planned education, personnel training plays a leading role, but still needs close coordination of family education to the students a comprehensive and effective education in order to continuously improve the quality of education. If the family education and school education can be a good match, consistent with school education, can enhance the effectiveness of school education; the other hand, is to impede, interfere with, undermine or counteract the role of school education. Second, the case of one-child family education Child as a special social group, not only today but also the social life in the future have a pivotal role. Especially the Chinese quarter of the world population accounts for one-child family education has attracted much attention. Case: June is the school's arts festival in the afternoon I went to school, the school has been very lively. Students actively participate in the upcoming art show, I just walked into the office, my classes Ram ran crying to the students to run, she was the Pro class and s class Dawa Dolma beat students, then Dolma is also being her teacher called the office for questioning. I hastened to comfort Ram first, so she put the whole matter clearly, she muttered a half-day do not know. It is understood that the afternoon went to the classroom door Ram, This class of boys was called out of Dawa, Dolma has somehow been played two hand, and then hit up the two girls, was finally persuaded to open the students around . Dolma I called over, asked her the reasons for beating, she was in a rage corruption, said: "This man is the fight, mouth wicked, cursed have scars on my face," Ram quickly argued that: "I'm just curious to ask asked the scars on her face, does not mean anything. "Then two of them a word to me and got into a fight. I know that Ram is a good strong personality, stubborn girl, worried about today if you do not straighten well she might go wrong. I left her alone, and talk to her talk for a long time, say some truth, and finally she told me she thought it through. I am worried about the evening a telephone call to her parents, said things a bit, but also enable them to observe her condition. But after a week or something went wrong, Ram As swallow my heart grievances, to find a few young people in society to the outside to Dolma and Davala licked two people injured, two of the parents are angry to find schools. The final result is that Ram is handling the school demerits punishment, probation one year, poor performance will be expelled. On the one hand due to the school punishment, partly because young people find social assaults This class students, students feel isolated, she took her hateful, up from Ram to become depressed. Ram's behavior is now one of the manifestations of unhealthy child psychology. Child rarely grievances from small to large, not beaten and scolded, not even encountered any setbacks. Even parents occasionally quarreled with their parents, parents often give to surrender. However, the children, after all, not always live in small family, but also to society, we must get along with others, communication, contact. Children and students, who peers, adults, along the course of communication, once wronged or suffer punishment for violation of discipline, will become can not afford and could not, often have revenge, and then the implementation of aggressive retaliation. These are the parents spoiled the result is the performance problems of family education. Third, the reasons for problems in child education (A) of the error led to early childhood education of attitudes and behavior of the formation of bad character. Parents love too much, too much protection and care of the children lived to reach out clothes, food to mouth life, and gradually develop an "all-centered," the arbitrary, willful bad temper and bad habits, but also easy for children to formation withdrawn, timid, not gregarious character, a lack of courage and wisdom of dealing with people, poor social adaptation. (B) error of thinking led to the development of child physical and mental disorders. Many parents think that to increase your child's health to nutrition, so give the children to eat a variety of nutritional supplements, let your children improve their physical fitness, very little to persuade more children to participate in physical exercise activities. Thus, although the length of some children is high, can poor physical fitness, and always cold, even as nutrition lead to the emergence of a large number of obese children, the normal life of the child inconvenience. Some parents just child's learning, learning achievement is good or bad and linked to all aspects of children, causing children to improve academic performance in every way, including many improper methods, such as cheating and so on, but the parents tube had been. Children's academic performance as measured by the only credible standard. This ignores the moral development of children, are easily formed to take advantage of this love, by improper means to achieve the purpose of the bad habits. (C) The "only child" led to the child's communication disorder. Child no brothers or sisters living together, easy to form emotional "self center", to develop good at unity, not good at sympathy, not good at competition, not understanding, lack of coordination, lack of respect for people, the lack of quality and helpful behavior. In addition, the lack of peers to get along in the process of stress exercise, while lack of family interaction by the imitation of children and adults only exchanges that easy to form an adult, then expand the personnel of the early trend. In fact, their adult behavior, whether children or adults in and exchanges, will produce difficulties, and had to endure great psychological pressure. Fourth, one-child family education measures to be taken To correctly understand the child. The context of child is a special child born with growth potential and advantages; child as a special population groups has its own characteristics and patterns of development; child's growth in the mixed. Note that the growth characteristics and patterns of child: current problems, mainly in family and society, and not entirely in the child; the next child will become the mainstream of society, its role can not be ignored; child "independence" instead of "strange "; child has a dual pressure. Families have to learn to train child care and science, love, and not spoiled, but not free integration, trust rather than encouraged, and parents to give their loose living and learning environment, but also strict management and requirements. Pay attention to overall physical and moral development, without neglecting individual differences; the warm combination of care and strict demands, and never yield to condone; encourage the appreciation of the advantages of not only child too, should be criticized for its shortcomings.
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