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Primary oral type their pets such as pet tutor Secret Seven

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Seen an online report, written last, a primary school said that he is like Mom and Dad's "pet", a day in the house, car, classroom 3 large cage reared, do not know when to being "let go." Children? Pets? Raised is how pet? Bianzhuohuayang feed it good food, give it a bath, dress it, wearing flower vest, also tied a bow; with it Liuwan, with roots rope around its neck, can not easily run wild, pigs can not be friends with the outside Friends of the dog casually intimate contact, to limit its action; We are pleased, the arm around it to sleep; we irritability, the curse it, kick it, anyway, it does not bear grudges against. In short: you raise the material and spiritual support base. Compare, how the child is raised? Is not like pets? First, the pet was called Pet, of course, because "pet." If, like raising children, like pets, "pet" or even "spoil" what will happen? Now many families have only one child, four old people around with Mom and Dad together "Little Sun" turn, every possible care of carefully, holding in his hands and fell afraid, afraid of in your mouth, and hidden in the cabinet fear of losing a child is the family's "pet." The child's best left to the dinner table at home the most comfortable place for children to sleep, but also out of hand and then tighten the money to buy brand-name sneakers for children, working children not to intervene no matter how busy household, do not want children to be a little aggrieved, was that suffering. Children at home is very high-handed, a little goes wrong will be angry, threw things around, you want to have to be. Jiao million pets are thousands of children, once they left the house and into another environment, would "fall from grace", not found in the home as "pets" extreme psychological feeling and easy, or fragile to withstand any in the face of difficulties pressure. Second, domestic pets do not need to return to nature, so it does not learn to survive alone, the owner arranged everything. If, like pet care, like a child, the parents "arranged" all, what would happen? Parents get up early every morning, the water will wash away, and the toothpaste on the toothbrush; every night is parents to lay foot-washing water, let the children wash feet, and then wipe with a towel good for kids feet, shop Good bed, lie down and wait on the child, read a fairy tale book, to coax the child to sleep. A boy 5 years old, my mother fed, not the kids do not want to get involved, but the mother said, "your hand stolen goods," or "you eat too slow." Rice to mouth, clothing to hand, do not work, like a pet, supporting the same is, they lack the independence and daily living. Third, pet owners will use the rope around the neck, it is not allowed to run wild around casually gave his life away, it does not have the opportunity to choose and the right to conduct its restrictions and constraints. If, like raising children, like pets, limitations and restrictions of the child's behavior, what will happen? Wanni Ba children want to go to the land, my mother said was too dirty; children want to go to a tree picking child, my mother said was too dangerous; children rushing Duanwan side dish dinner, my mother said do not break it. Children Zuosa things before, they have to look at Mom and Dad wink, the speaker of the dare to do it. Child has no freedom of movement, right to choose. He wanted to do this, partial not let him do what he wanted to try something, take something, chosen not to give him a chance. Children lost their freedom, lose out on opportunities for the world and experience life, lost the ability to think and create. Fourth, the owner of the pet beck and call, and drink of that is to, once issued a directive, pets must obey. Pets are very gentle, and never with the owner to do right, not asked the owner how to do it, will obediently follow the master away. If, like raising children, like pets, requiring the child toe, would happen? A birth parent from the child to arrange what he eat what to wear, decided he studied painting or music or playing basketball, decided what he considered the book to see what words, decide on which on which the primary school nursery, can not help according to their own preferences and temperament for the children to "design" of his life, big and small all have to obey the command of their parents, and told the boy to do that are good for children. If the child has any resistance or conflict to consider the child "disobedient," "treason," wringing will be furious. Parents so strong, the children gradually lose their personality. Fifth, the owner of the pet's care, is condescending, because pets are looking for spiritual sustenance for himself, in order to bring their own happiness, it is selfish. If, like raising children, pets, condescending to be overlooking the children, what will happen? Parents think of themselves as someone who has, is the authority, in accordance with their own ideas of right and wrong to guide children to tell them what is nothing wrong, and not "crouch down," more consideration to what your baby, your baby how to think, so easy to overlook the children growth characteristics, ignoring the child's psychological feelings, the child may even be afraid of their parents. Sixth, the owner often let their pets perform in front of some "unique skills" to show their brightest, the owner also face. If, like pet care as a child, the child's ability to show off, what will happen? Many parents like to show in front of outsiders to the child, Bo to praise and praise, of course, good children are the pride of their parents, this is no doubt, but if too ostentatious, and even comparisons with one another, so that not only encourages atmosphere vanity of parents and children will breed pride. Seventh, the owner happy, arms around pet sleeping, irritability, when the owner of pet causes for kicking. Of pets, the owner is such a "moody" and. If, like raising children, like pets, take a child to vent their emotions, what will happen? Adults in work, life, will encounter many troubles, the mood will be good times and bad, if the home took the release of innocent children get a flat negative emotions, children prone to severe anxiety, anxiety. Unknowingly wrote a seven, just summarized "The child as a pet of the seven deadly sins": Spoiled, arranged to restrict, order, looking down, show off, vent. Overview And then a small child, but also people, a fully independent, Do not children as their own private property or accessories, The child does not mean pets, we do not take children as pets. Do not over-spoiled children Do not call the shots for their children and consequently, Do not grab the child is not doing nothing, Do not kids do whatever they want, Do not vent their emotions on the child, To the children one of their own sky.
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