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How does sketch of the university entrance exam obtain good result

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Sketch is the foundation of painterly introduction, it can help us raise whole and comprehensive ground surveys the world, accurate and objective the earth's surface shows the ability of the object, it is stimulative abecedarian height of eye, head, hand is harmonious and consistent and the method of effective. Because this each major school reachs department division to label its modelling foundation class, also be abecedarian those who stride artistic hall study a project surely. Can understand the requirement of our school somewhat for examinee, good result is obtained in sketch exam, we take an exam to all previous in, the problem that examinee reveals tries to induce summary, cent lists as follows: of devoid the concept of viewing the situation as a whole this is the mistake with many abecedarian and common examinee, because they lack the training that long-term sex works, not be comprehensive below the guidance of an organic conception of the human body in the exam advance, be eager to hope for success however, rapid move gives the effect, die blindly below the assurance that lacks pair of whole results dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed is local, cause consequently local and mutual between the relation cannot join well. Often some part has been drawn very much highlight and complete, and other part or blank, its picture effect cans be imagined. A whole is by a certain number of of local composition, without local whole, be empty truthless; However, those who do not have whole is local, again again wonderful, thorough also be without a meaning. Because of the purpose of sketch, not only it is experienced with respect to skill " good work " , and more important is education of a kind of artistic thinking " idea " with what how watch a thing " view " . Left this at 2 o'clock, sketch practiced also losing its sense. Someone says: "Sketch is compared namely, quite, compare again. " although this word is a bit one-sided, but also have stated reason. Since whole is the success or failure that matters to exercise of a sketch, so local with local, local appear very important with integral relation. How to resolve this kind of concern, rely on relative method namely, than tonal depth, more proportional than body accident, size, size, what concern than fluoroscopy is far with close, empty and fact. Compare the content elephant that the picture comes out according to this kind, just be external object the one side of actual existence. Lack those who understand object object to rise and fall concave and convex, false or true of light and shade concerns, it is the radial action exterior expression at the internal composition of the object. Want object of thorough ground score, must want to accomplish " know its the reason why " , should study its are immanent the structure concerns. Some classmates face model, either reach li of ground active and actively to analyse research target by the watch, do not go studying the underlying contributing factor of exterior idea, borrowed mechanical and passively however object, what place is bit darker, what place is bit more shallow, he comes down copy word for word of change of this kind of depth, mix greatly as to this shallow what to mean, what know however is very little, or utterly ignorant, accordingly, very hard deep land, bona fide behaves an object. Lack experiences somebody to say all people on the world exquisitely, without absolutely and identical face, each person has distinction the appearance feature at other, even if twin is not exceptional also, he (she) people the difference that also others is aware of not easily. Take the feature of the object and the difference that have individual character alone, it is the basic task that sketch trains. But in the process in sketch paint from life, no matter who draw,often see some students, no matter the length of the object is similar why, temperamental how, draw so that resemble a person, model became a decoration it seems that, became them to make up what build in disorder to consult why content. This kind of phenomenon has certain representative. Here has the fault on guidance of teacher of period of begin to learn, still him examinee knows the error that go up. Some examinee think erroneously: Model did not concern like unlike, it is good to want picture result only go, the teacher that gives a mark anyway also does not know model what kind of. Resembling unlike is not the only level that measures of low quality of actor of work of a piece of sketch really, but it can examine however the sensitivity that a student has to thing place and expressional ability. If a student breaks away from an object for long to experience, go making up effect of so called picture is mixed deserted the training that feels ability to external object, so he degrades with respect to what create perceptive capacity likely, lose the sensitivity with an artist due place. Specific the expression in sketch paint from life is 1000 people one side, deal in generalities, types of facial makeup in operas is changed etc. And once these defect are formed correct very hard. Because as a painter the eye of fundamental condition had degraded,this is. Undoubted, such examination paper cannot gain tall cent. When devoid picture holds to be adjusted in final tableau, appear the most easily the picture is grey, the result is not strong, lock up broken defect with the picture. Why can you appear these defect? Because the object below radial illuminate can produce 3 kinds,this is basic tonal: Black (the deepest tonal) , white (the brightest) , grey (tonal and rich demitint) . Those who had 3 kinds to differ is tonal, the administrative levels of the picture is clear, the effect of the picture is resonant, as to which kind of composition much dot, which kind of part are bit less, should inspect give your feeling objectively and decide. But anyway scale concerns, 3 tone should not lack great primary quality a among them. The reason that causes picture ash is very much. For instance the facial much of model lies in bright ministry, then, on the picture basic it is bright with ash tonal; If processing is undeserved, very easy picture is grey. At this moment, should emphasize the effect of deep ash, pull open the distance of deep ash and shallow ash as far as possible, made maintenance the administrative levels feeling of the picture. Still have a kind of case: The skin of model is deeper, black with deep gray tone occupies its facial major area, and shallow ash and the area that bright side occupies are very few. Processing is bad to create an appearance easily also gloomy, depressing, affect exercise result. To this, examinee should reduce intermediate tonal deepness actively, improve an appearance (facial ministry) brightness, maintain the administrative levels sense of the picture. Among sketchy process, below the premise that respects external object in whole, those who allow ministry of play a game of chess is tonal undertake adjustment, or abate, or strengthened artistic processing. Sketch writes unripe boy or girl friend, or bright or dark, or strong or weak, or empty or fact, having its rule and order. When paint from life if threw into confusion this kind of objective order, can appear messy and trifling, affect the integral sense of the picture consequently. For instance, in dark ministry glance, draw too brightly the range that exceeded it to be in, destroyed local whole. A picture is by a certain number of local place comprises, if every local appear similar case, so this picture is met broken up. Still have a kind of case, every local draw very well very complete, but there is connection between local standoff ministry, each other not subordination, each other does not let, resemble in a state of disunity. An object falls in the illuminate of a fixed illuminant, inevitable conference appears to lose by force, the content elephant of far and near and false or true. Produced content to concern like primary and secondary consequently -- , order feeling. This order is objective existence, not be factitious arrangement. If there is this order on the picture, the observation method of the person that that is drawn namely and thoughtway are existing certain problem. If think each position is significant, want to emphasize and be highlighted, so order is thrown into confusion, the integral feeling of the picture is destroyed. Without the sketch that whole feels, be the work that cannot calculate consummate result. Textual address: Http:// Id=61
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