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What is framework of SOA of framework of B/S framework C/S respectively?

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One, what is C/S and B/S

The first, what is C/S structure. C/S (Client/Server) structure, namely everybody's hep client computer and server structure. It is software system architecture, can make full use of through it the advantage of environment of two upright hardware, the task reasonable allocation go to Client end and Server end will come true, reduced communication expense of the system. At present system of most application software is two structures of Client/Server form, because present software applies a system to using development to distributed Web, web and Client/Server application can undertake similar professional work is handled, apply different module to share logistic component; Accordingly, mix in-housely external the user can be visited new use a system with what have, give new applied system through having the logic in using a system to be able to expand. This uses development way of the system at present namely.

Although architecture of conventional C / S is used is open mode, but this is the open sex that the system develops one form only, no matter be,in specific application Client is carried or Server end still needs specific software to support. Because fail to provide the open environment that the user expects truly, the software need of C/S structure develops the software of different version in the light of different operating system system, of together with product change very fast, had gotten used to user of local area network of 100 computer above very hard to be used at the same time. And price is high, efficiency is low. The Shanghai that like me the courtyard uses exceeds orchid company " case count " the architecture of C / S that administrative software is a model runs software.

The 2nd, what is B/S structure. B/S (Browser/Server) structure namely browser and server structure. It is as Internet technology arisen, to the composition that one kind changes or improves of C/S structure. Below this kind of structure, user job interface is to pass WWW browser to come true, logic of few part general affairs is carried afore (Browser) implementation, but logic of main general affairs is carried in the server (Server) implementation, form structure of alleged three-layer 3-tier. Simplified greatly so the client carries computer load, reduced a system to safeguard with the cost that upgrade and workload, the total cost that reduced an user (TCO) . Look with current technology, the local area network builds the network application of B/S structure, issue database application through Internet/Intranet mode, hold easily relatively, cost also is inferior. It is one-time the development that reach the designated position, can realize different personnel, from different spot, receive kind with what differ (for instance LAN, WAN, internet/Intranet) the database with visit and joint operation; It protects data platform and administrative visit attributive effectively, server database is very safe also. At present the net inside my courtyard (Intranet) , outer net (Internet) with big company of Beijing Oriental Qing Dynasty " software of case, office management " it is software of B/S construction management, policemen in the local area network each workstation can realize working professional work through WWW browser. Be in especially JAVA such crossing after platform language appears, software of B/S framework management is more convenient, quick, efficient.
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