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How is thief prevented on the bus

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The thief majority on the bus is " much person is combined " . They often do not have clear destination, go up, next buses are more such, when waiting for a car, be in dispersedly site, when the car comes, squeeze to door as stream of people, pretend the car on rapid move procrastinates however at the back. Thief goes there and back between a few stations more, very rare Sunday run takes a car. Thief commits the crime to have mostly " prop " , they use the dress, paper or book magazine holds off the hand that he commits the crime. Accordingly, the passenger sees on board beside have this kind of action and everywhere the person of look around, be about to add caution more.

Rush hour gets beware of

Of bus thief activity " gold time " it is in the morning 7 when to 8 when half, afternoon 5 when come partly 7 when and holiday. Thief takes the advantage of much jam of fluctuation car person commonly, choose helper target or walk off with, squeeze intentionally toward your body, bump, stick. Bag of the satchel that the male fastens the mobile phone between the waist and female, double shoulder is the main goal that thief does it, should all the more beware of.

The action that defends a thief should be written down prison

Gather up instead gumshoe thinks, rise be on guard consciousness is to defend the best measure that gather up. A large number of ready money are not shown in the site before the car on the citizen, lest is ticked off case " wicked addiction " ; Sit the bus wants equipment good pocket money, unfavorable draw out money from purse temporarily; When getting on a car, had better take the mobile phone in the hand; After getting on a car, had better go to go among railroad car, protect satchel, handbag before the bosom; Not on board catnap or be absorbed in talking; The society listens drive those who take staff " the word in the word " , the driver is in driver's seat, the position is higher, have rearview mirror again, sometimes after the driver discovers thief, disadvantageous and direct bright say, can remind a passenger with a few pun; When taking a bus, do not want to squeeze as far as possible, on, when getting off, should not contend for more grab, do not give thief an opportunity that can be exploited to sbs advantage.

In case the morning paper that be stolen alarm

If discover the thing is gathered up on board, should above all to drive report by personnel, call the police (drive by personnel accountability call the police for owner of lost property) ; Remember taking the car order of car, had better want to take ticket, so that provide evidence to police; If get off hind just discover the thing is gathered up, should sign up for in time 110, make to 110 designation apanage police station note; If catch thief on the spot, should twist send apanage police station. Gather up according to turning over personnel introduction, commute height or on the weekend, the person on the bus is more, below congested circumstance, be about to take care thief. The car on the passenger is more crowded, a few thief take the advantage of this nowadays hand more. Thief is from the back elbow, want to notice oneself bag at this moment, best method is the place that puts cash and valuable to thief to be felt not easily.
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