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GHOST system is enclosed, XP mother dish make detailed tutorial (belt 592 former

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This tutorial is him after seeing other tutorial, be revised according to oneself experience and become, can saying is to be achieved formerly also can say dispute is achieved formerly, if everybody uses my method to had enclosed systematic hind smoothly, ask great him support, give oneself a few responses more, if everybody has occurrence what problem in enclosing a process, also welcome to put forward to discuss jointly.

One, operating system:

Install a mother dish: XP2 of Shanghai government edition (also weigh 592 dishes or computer bedlamite edition)
Download address: Right attack me to choose fast thunder download
Permanent serial number: DP7CM PD6MC 6BKXT M8JJ6 RPXGJ

2, the installation of drive:
3, installation system patch and other are relevant patch, for instance before very popular bow wave patch, flash9 IE patch
4, install software
The software in the system can be divided kind, one kind is systematic setup, install commonly used software to systematic C directly dish in, like turnip home medium computer city installs machine edition 0802, another kind is software lets an user choose to install, the choice edition in be like turnip home 0712, these two 0803 version. Among them software chooses you to want to make commonly used software first Cheng Zian holds a file, give next software installs government implement management (edit software to install government namely implement configuration file, the software of turnip home installs government implement pretty is pretty good, if everybody has in make what do not understand is OK close water tower, ask the administrator learns not to have limit. )

5, XP optimizes a setting: (integrated XP is optimized medium classical)

(one) , the system optimizes a setting:

1, the accessory that deletes Windows to force:
A. Revise Winntinfsysoc.inf with notebook NOTEPAD, with search / replace a function, searching the input in casing, hide (Hide of follow closely of an English comma) , will " replace for " casing is set for empty. Choose replace entirely, such, all, hide take out,
B. Save file to disk exit,
C. Move again " add - delete a program " , can see " add / delete Windows component " in much gave several option; Such you can delete better otiose accessory.

2. is put out debug implement Dr. Watson;

Moving Drwtsn32, besides " dump is all line Cheng context " all take out besides. Once have a program,make mistake otherwise, hard disk will be noisy very long, and can take up a lot of spaces. If this kind of situation has been encountered before you, search User.dmp file please and expunge, may omit the space of a few M. This is to make mistake the spot of the program, trashy to us. The Memory.dmp that appears when La Bing additionally also can be expunged. Can be in my computer / the DUMP when BSOD is being put out in attribute.

3. is shut " what systematic XP takes oneself is reductive "

4. shuts " dormancy supports " : The pretty of hard dish space that occupies because of dormancy function is big, it is better to be shut so,
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