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The program that shop transfers reachs a note

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The program that shop transfers reachs a note
Shop is made over or relet can save investment, time and energy to wait, but also put in bigger risk, because this is certain discreet. Shop makes over divide the following measure roughly:

One, the identity of affirmatory transferor, whether is seeing him storefront the property right of the building is possessory, if store operator is a building possessory, the other and relevant certificate such as the property right proof that should examine shop above all, business charter, wholesome licence is all ready, preliminary refer the hire case that makes over the price and building.

2, if be taken over of purpose, both sides can negotiate management equipment of building hire and store, decorate wait for the particular value that transfers a project. If talk about formula to be able to advance a certain quantity of deposit, in order to assure preferential the right that takes over shop, deposit collection just issue deposit receipt, receipt should keep the specific content such as the utility of quiet time, amount, deposit.

3, bilateral appraisal " shop makes over an agreement " reach " the building rents a contract " , the right that agrees both sides is specific thereby and obligation.

4, the contract is signed end, by the contract conventional kind tie pays transfer cost.

5, make over square accountability assistance to take over just undertake change the name of owner in a register changes procedures, accordingly, take over it is good to what just should need certificate in time to be dealt with to door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry by appraisal contract etc more the name registers formalities, with determining management lawful sex.

6, if store operator also is tenant, must examine the original contract of its and appraisal of place of person of building property right, check its to whether have make over (relet) authority; Tripartite wants when appraisal contract at the same time attendant and proof of word of ancient bronze mirror. (namely the property right person, operator, person that take over)

7, situation of the matter that is sure to research shop to make over and the creditor's rights before, debt, make clear clearly in the contract, lest drop into the trap that makes over a contract.

8, it is a bit more important to still have: Be sure to investigate the shop a sector of an area that is clear that you take a fancy to to be in beforehand short-term inside the program tearing open change that whether has municipal side, avoid to be deceived thereby.

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