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Fuzhou college town

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College town, the spring that teachs real estate

How does Chinese university realize college enlarge to enrol below density of existing average per capita? Do build college town and economy have why associated? 2000 spring, government of Fujian provincial Party committee, province make a decision, cry board the construction development of Fuzhou college town, then the landed development industry of Fuzhou is lifted one round new " the motion that encircle the ground " , "Education is landed " as brand-new real estate develops a concept, the 12 step that should initiate trade of Fuzhou real estate undoubtedly " earthquake " .

From Wang Zhigang of famous scheme Great Master successful bring back to life greens jade of laurel garden " the person has without me " begin, the mode of thematic real estate that introduces education is followed suit in succession by landed bound and concoctive company and follow the lead of, gift ceaselessly new connotation, when education real estate is in south China is fried like a raging fire when the 3rd times the whole nation taught working conference to make advance quality to teach in the round, accelerate educational reform and development, carry out science and education to allow a country energetically important decision of the strategy, industry of Yo of the state religion in making entered the new period that revitalizes in the round. To answer in the center of about " in the integral layout that should bring into education the strategy to develop key and modernization, cogent the strategic position that the knowledge industry that regards forerunner as gender, overall situation sex, foundation sex and crucial infrastructure place in preferential development " this one appeal, countrywide each district begins build college town. If Wuhan is yellow celestial being of town of domestic lake college, Nanjing forest " college town " , town of college of hill of Yue Lu of town of Oriental college of town of college of town of college of developing zone of town of college of Liaoning green island, Guangzhou college town, Hefei, Lanzhou, Shanghai, Shenyang college town, Hunan.

The college town of above is wraparound rise nothing more than 2 kinds, it is governmental dominant model. Education is taken seriously by more and more government institute as a high factor of production. The government wants those who strengthen urban economy to be able to expand power continuously, and the school building after college enlarge is enrolled is insufficient, the country stopped to examine and approve development project again, below the element interact of tripartite face, each district government is right existing universities and colleges " vacate basket change a bird " , undertake different ground removes transform, the means that intervenes with administration is formed " college group " . This one mode is by the government investment infrastructure is built mostly, the college invests education establishment construction, in the life service facilities builds a respect to execute the market to run, by development of owner proper motion. Going up with the relation between managerial main body, use governmental guiding, market to run mostly, the way with own school. Look from the condition that runs at present, the blemish that these college towns exist basically has: It is to suffer what local government financial resources is not worth to restrict bigger; 2 because the government organizes the reaction of pair of outside market demand and industrial business chance,be logy, without body examine and the requirement that satisfy constant change; 3 it is reasonable read aloud and major breakthrough was not obtained on the mechanism, be in the primary phase that outspread mode serves related education only.
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