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Schoolgirl of the 9 one grade at the beginning of the name cannot get on natant class to ask for leave to the teacher in succession because of forthcoming month classics, but the thing that classmaster does not believe to be able to have such coincidence unexpectedly. After this, 9 schoolgirls are given by teacher belt natatorium takes off pants to check one by one, confirm the student did not lie really.

We know a teacher this one profession becomes even more sensitive below the circumstance that people takes human rights seriously more and more nowadays rise, and our individual teacher does not try to restrain his however, make have everyday such or in that way negative news is affecting this one great profession.

In the time of this legal system, before is not any more between teacher and student simple master-apprentice relation, mutual between besides teach with learn to still relation of a mutual valued wants to deserve bilateral attention. The elephant produces that one screen above, should not blame a teacher completely, he so becoming a possibility also is at ordinary times students had had similar case to appear, because of present student too genius is eccentric, idea already unlike the child previously so pure. Their idea often compares lead, and this teacher also has been deceived accordingly for certain, so the first reaction examines the possibility namely at that time whether is what the student says true.

But you had thought the teacher, you do the self-respect that will harm students so, destroyed in that tall figure in children, 2 come you still offended likely law, we know to be in cannot ransack casually without lawful circumstance the body of other, and you however hall and the ground requirement student of emperor takes off next trousers to check, this is defilement of a huge to the child's character, had to this you thought?

The deed that oneself all did not realize like that after according to reporting this teacher is being checked is wrong, did not give a student any explanations left. Also be photograph place to the parents of this student furious, I think parent life also is a kind of normal reaction, but remind parent friends when encountering this kind of thing ten million wants sober, do not make any ultra conduct, adopt approach of a kind of law to settle this matter however. Because be in the school,a period of time before knowing because of us has produced a student by teacher physical punishment later, the student's grandfather came to someone teacher cut throat, the result makes two families got be hit bitterly.

Each schools should say on force of persons qualified to teach nowadays is take seriously quite, this we also are be obvious to all, but we also see the moral quality that has a few teachers is returned at the same time,remain at strengthening, perhaps his education must be top-ranking really, can if is an education again good,you be but how can the teacher that moral character is no good teach a De Zhi the student that body admits in the round again?
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