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How to carry out carry out good normal school to give birth to free education jo

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Ask: How to carry out carry out good normal school to give birth to free education job?

Answer: Normal University of directly under of Ministry of Education takes the lead in trying a normal school to give birth to free education, it is the Party Central Committee, the State Council what set out to go out from strategic overall situation is great and decision-making, the sense is great, far-reaching. Want to had handled this major issue, the key is to want to unite the thought to center great and decision-making come up, consolidate the operation to center to weigh greater part arrange and requirement to come up. Door of various government, Ministry of Education and relevant school want to take seriously highly, strengthen a leadership, elaborate organization, support energetically, cooperate closely, cogent fall this major step to real point. Current must hammer and tongs, had done the recruit students work that free normal school lays 2007 level meticulously deep. Want to increase recruit students to publicize strength, take strong step, the great sense that publicizes normal school deep extensively to give birth to free education and relevant policy, the ground arouses and specific aim encourages more and outstanding student volunteer enter oneself for an examination normal school is professional. Should publicize outstanding teacher to build energetically result the advanced achievement of grow into useful timber establishing line of business, those who form outstanding student to read normal school, outstanding talent to become a teacher is good and oriented, enhance a student to be engaged in teaching the glorious feeling of the career.

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