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Liu Jiwei

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Teacher number: 38178
Teacher full name: Liu Jiwei sexual distinction: Male
Place school: Anhui Normal University is professional: Physico-chemical
Record of formal schooling: The Master registers time: 2008-9-19


Pedagogic category: Other teachs a persons qualified to teach experience: Preliminary teacher


Can teach course: Elementary school reachs chemistry to high school physics
Resume: Win school scholarship for many times during the university, work to be free from anxiety seriously, bear the blame, can understand student psychology, grasp difficult point in order to improve study result of the student.
Family education experience: Oneself take overmuch portion teaching in home during the university, all be to learn to generate accomplishment to have relatively substantially rise
Family education experience: 1 year the ground orders a requirement: Come salary requirement: 100 yuan / hour
But schooltime: Zhou Yi comes weekday
Special requirement:

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