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Wang Yali

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Teacher number: 38174
Teacher full name: Wang Yali sexual distinction: Female
Place school: Capital medical university is professional: Chinese traditional medicine
Record of formal schooling: Undergraduate course registers time: 2008-9-19


Pedagogic category: Other teachs a persons qualified to teach experience: High teacher


Can teach course: Whole family of small junior high school
Resume: Person of area of Beijing Fang Shan, high school is graduated from fine country middle school, science department is unripe, attend a college now 2 grade, had won first prize of high school chemistry
Family education experience: Ceng Jiao is exorbitant one manage is changed, with elementary school whole family
Family education experience: 2 annual ground order a requirement: Come salary requirement: 35 yuan / hour
But schooltime: Everyday in the evening, on the weekend
Special requirement:

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