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Yang Kai

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Teacher number: 36557
Teacher full name: Yang Kai sexual distinction: Male
Place school: Beijing forestry university is professional: Water and soil conservation
Record of formal schooling: Undergraduate course registers time: 2008-9-17 21:38:37


Pedagogic category: Other teachs a persons qualified to teach experience: Temporarily teacher


Can teach course: Elementary school, junior high school, high school counts manage to change
Resume: Oneself are read now at Beijing forestry university, be big 3 students, because at present course is not very much, so the hope can disseminate knowledge through his effort, also want to let oneself be benefited from which at the same time. 3 years I obtained the university right result, can recommend now graduate student, this also is one of accounts that I seek family education. The genuine child that hopes I can replace you reduces a few burdens, let him (she) can small relaxed loose study, and still can obtain good result.
Family education experience: Oneself ever had done family education to work last summer, basically did two works. One is to teach the several manage of schoolgirl of a second year in high school to change, the effect after teaching a month is distinct, let her master the knowledge that understands not quite before more very much. Still having was to teach first the English of class of 3 take lessons after school, although my English is not too good, but the effort that passes me or the result with let them obtain certain. The child that hopes I also can let you masters more knowledge!
Family education experience: Ground of half an year orders a requirement: Come salary requirement: The face is discussed yuan / hour
But schooltime: Basically be Saturday, weekday
Other time again the face is discussed
Special requirement: Choose me, I succeed the child that helps you!

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