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Teacher number: 11133
Teacher full name: Mr. Zhang sexual distinction: Male
Place school: Heibei division is old, the major outside north: English
Record of formal schooling: Undergraduate course registers time: 2008-9-18 1:06:11


Pedagogic category: Teacher of on-the-job high school teachs a persons qualified to teach experience: High teacher


Can teach course: Junior high school arrives tall 3 English, 100-150 yuan / hour
Resume: From teach old Mr. Zhang not only seasoned, still studied the method of school of almost all and famous English, draw their essence, square body fastens a when formed his plus the theory that learns to pedagogic, psychological, talent and practice complete English education and scientific and practical individuation is special standard system, “ is given priority to through Jiang Buying language complementary with all-around the individuation that guidance is characteristic is special example, go to those having qualitative but the teenager that lacks Bai Le to coach offers adviser type to coach, make up for class to give lessons the inadequacy that makes one knife cut education, with making they span type exceeds groovy development, in as far as possible short time is immanent on English and even overall result rise abruptly quickly, show itself, creation miracle ” this is Zhang Wen the conception of teacher spy example and tenet, excuse elite education and assault make up a missed lesson double deck characteristic.

Family education experience: The individuation of Mr. Zhang is special experience of example traceable oneself, solve a student at hanging by the feet, make numerous student plaints if “ is early it is good to know you ” . To each student, mr. Zhang checks first surely try to find out the real intention, ask according to circumstance union exam of the student careful design makes up a missed lesson next plan, discovery transfers the student's potential, rebuild self-confident heart of the student, impart scientific English study method, offer concentration to coach data, tool, make knowledge is changed easily, the interest is changed. Strict requirement, encourage student firm to make great efforts, enter state in the round, enhance actual strength thoroughly, improve result, change destiny. Education concerns a destiny, so Mr. Zhang gave much painstaking effort when prepare lessons, him old intellectual reserve and individual accomplishment develop the land incisively and vividly, changed the destiny of numerous student, be known as ” of terminator of “ family education. Suit short-term make up a missed lesson, also suit to dog for a long time, key education. 2008 in the university entrance exam, the student that Mr. Zhang teachs obtained the result that differs 92 minutes to 133 minutes, teacher and student are very happy.
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