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Yao Yan cropland

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Teacher number: 30917
Teacher full name: Sexual distinction of Yao Yan cropland: Female
Place school: Beijing teachs academic major: Mathematical education
Record of formal schooling: Undergraduate course registers time: 2008-9-18 9:33:15


Pedagogic category: Teacher of on-the-job elementary school teachs a persons qualified to teach experience: High teacher


Can teach course: Elementary school maths abstruse number
Resume: The job holds the position of elementary school ganger 18 years all the time up to now, pursue job of mathematical teacher and student, many paper is published on journal of class of area, city, be judged to be leader of area degree course.
Family education experience: Oneself are holding the position of elementary school all the time up to now from 1998 the family education of each grade student, with elementary school active mathematical teaching material is given priority to, match with abstruse number knowledge, the mathematical grade that teachs student all has very big rise, can obtain in the mathematical tournament with this annual area one, 2, third class award! Have a lot of key middle schools that learned to check level of city, area more, be like attached middle school of 2 medium, 8 medium, National People's Congress, Beijing 14 medium, 35 medium. Those who get student and parent is sufficient approbate! Can give lessons area: Inside city all but.
Family education experience: 38 years the ground orders a requirement: Pay of tripartite place asks: 100 yuan / hour
But schooltime: Zhou Yi comes Zhou Wu afternoon after 4 o'clock, saturday, day is round-the-clock, cold summer vacation.
Special requirement:

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