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Teacher number: 23024
Teacher full name: To teacher sexual distinction: Male
Place school: China in the Normal University is professional: Maths
Record of formal schooling: Undergraduate course registers time: 2008-9-18 17:12:06


Pedagogic category: Retired teacher teachs a persons qualified to teach experience: High teacher


Can teach course: 1-9 grade China number abstruse number, new course synchronism coachs, graduation sprint maths coachs.
Resume: Aid the child to move toward division of successful helpful friend fine

Learn high teacher to the middle of the teacher, chinese maths education expands central membership. Group of Zhuo Xuejiao Yo hires Beijing to teach an expert for maths of middle and primary school especially, beijing family education 100 hire especially coach teacher. Working outstanding achievement by " dictionary of celebrity of Chinese maths education " and " library of Chinese expert talent " type.
Have solid science and the course base with scientific society to the teacher, have psychological, pedagogic the knowledge that waits for theory of contemporary education science and accomplishment, thinking acumen, be good at exploration, be brave in to innovate. Devote oneself to mathematical education and educational maths, middle and primary school for a long time of abstruse number and synchronous education coach with research. Active compose " shallow talk about analogy and mathematical education " , " brief the rediscover in discussing maths to discover " etc tens of piece the paper is published formally. And many paper wins first prize of class of province, city. He from teach nearly 30 years, the mathematical teacher and student that each grade such as elementary school, junior high school, high school has held the position of early or late after Ceng Xian works. He conscientious to the job, dependable, pursuit is altruistic and outstanding, consecratory. Fostered a batch another batch of outstanding students enter actor of various and of all kinds name, the school. Especially some closer year groomed large quantities of one students entered attached middle school of National People's Congress, 101 middle schools, boreal division old attached middle school, head the Beijing name school such as division old attached middle school. What coaching is small come in student of second year in high school, some has learned abstruse number, some had not learned. But their all without exception produced tremendous change and progress! Some dogging coach nearly 4 years to make mathematical weak section of the child became strong branch. Of the parent approbate, the student's success. It is my greatest pleasure!

Family education experience: In teaching education to carry out, hold to teach Yo person. Coach student ginseng addend learns Aosaiduo second bear the palm; Be among the best of candidates of achievement of exam of student enter a higher school. He respects property conscientiously, and become with “ Yo person with heart for first the education concept of ” , trained numerous and outstanding student. Also let numerous and junior student be in the crucial period that grow because the road of the teacher that help strength and moved toward a success. After entering the whole nation's famous private school to work 2000 especially, in mark of countrywide new tax, new concept, first experimental area that protestant material pursues is bold practice and exploration, he more the desire that let large quantities of one children that lost study confidence recover successful confidence and study. Make a part accepted the orbit that “ moved toward life to develop normally without the child that helps ” . His words and deeds is acted according to to be the book ” that “ does not read originally by work in the same placing; The ” of “ iron man-a person of exceptional physical and moral strength in also be to work by guidance support; The “ that is parent admire teachs expert ” ; The friend's free “ teachs advisory ” . Nearly 100 when Beijing has been coached now, his class student likes, the effect is apparent.
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