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Structural sex pedagogy implements a standard

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One, fore-and-aft hierarchy law
Law of alleged and fore-and-aft hierarchy, the logic that is the fore-and-aft development from some discipline system makes an on-the-spot investigation on the relation, can be the fore-and-aft system analysis of a course a certain number of organic, the size arrangement that has some kind of appurtenant concern.
1. is fore-and-aft the function of hierarchy law
(1) is fore-and-aft hierarchy law is some knowledge systems analysis the administrative levels of a certain number of organic connection, the whole that drew the outline of complex knowledge system contractedly and local the relation between, make sequence of thought of whole knowledge system clear, distinct, facilitate the student holds each to concern administrative levels from whole already, also facilitate concern whole of the acknowledge on administrative levels from each.
(The hierarchy of 2) knowledge is a foundation with its in-house logistic connection, the intellectual structure expression of fore-and-aft hierarchy law the system is proper logistic configuration, of since science, accord with a thing to develop a process objectively, at the same time of the cognitive process with the person " be over form " heart to consistent.
(Two cognitive tracks that fore-and-aft hierarchy law builds 3) : Namely the hierarchy of course knowledge system and the logistic hierarchy with course knowledge internal system, mutual support, each other is exterior and interior, build at in all individual pair of cognitive structures that learn intellectual system in, this makes not only individual have rigor and scientific sex to intellectual understanding, acknowledge, and still make itself of this cognitive structure has relative stability, flexibility and open sex. The fact makes clear, the individual understanding structure that the logistic structure of the course knowledge interior of the hierarchy of system of knowledge of only useful course builds compose to rise for material, ability can have optimal acknowledge function.
2. handles the main demand of fore-and-aft hierarchy law
(The hierarchy that 1) wants to know knowledge correctly reachs scientific import of the structure.
(2) announces scientificly the logistic relation of intellectual hierarchy interior.
(The hierarchy analysis of 3) knowledge must get used to the cognitive structure that has at the student.

2, transverse and multidimensional structural law
Alleged and transverse multidimensional structure, also namely element structure analyses a way. Modern science considers to make clear, a kind of any things reach his to happen, the connection of development and influence are not unit, however multivariate.
1. is transverse and multidimensional the function of structural law
(1) is transverse and multidimensional structural law, each administrative levels thing and its development (or level) the element that the analysis is a certain number of parallel, guide a student to meet the complex concern of thing or process from multivariate angle, be helpful for comprehensive and thorough geography seeing a thing, argue analyse thing is and develop all planting reason.
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