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One, emissive law
Emissive law makes seek different way again, point to what differ to same question hunting namely, the thinking process of distinctive answer and ponder over a method.
1. launchs law function
The essence of emissive thinking is intellectual information is fast and migratory. In this migratory process, information happening recombines, consequently the possibility produces a new information, so creation learns to go up to regard one of methods of creation as emissive law. Create emissive law of education, not be to be used at imparting generally speaking knowledge, use at training to create a kind of method of thinking however, its purpose is breaking some kind of thinking at leading a student calm situation, develop ability of much Xiang Saiwei.
2. handles the main demand of emissive law
(Because of,1) is moved strongly as a result of the emissive need of thinking, accordingly, the teacher is in when guiding a student to practice launching thinking, must adopt effective measure aggrandizement to because; avoids,creation is moved or remove the factor of all depressive innovation thinking, if must not undertake contradictory to the viewpoint of other, the opinion conclude that also is not eager to blasting off to place.
(Emissive thinking requirement has 2) to be able to inspire a thought more as far as possible, pose the thing that associate and opportunity. Accordingly, the teacher still must try to create the condition that generation associates for the student.
(3) should blast off have certain level, the teacher should lead a student, in numerous to these tentative idea a few already novel imagine valuably again, undertake generality coachs, affirm the active meaning of these tentative ideas, in order to raise the initiative of student creation thinking and self-confident heart.
(4) emissive way is more appropriate be born in order to go to school at junior high school, to pupil, specific guidance of the teacher must be strengthened when applying.
2, the law that stimulate doubt
The law that stimulate doubt is a kind of exciting student the teaching method of automatic be suspicious, resolve a doubt.
1. stimulates the function of doubt law
Create the law stimulating doubt of education, it is the active method of activity of a kind of stimulative understanding. The law that stimulate doubt has following basic functions commonly:
(1) arouses interest. Interest is the active mentation of study, without interest, or interest dull, the student's thinking is in inactive, or half dormancy condition, although learn to be not had,result nature is. The law that stimulate doubt is just as the demon bar that charmer makes in cold blood, market problem mystery at one hair, draw an attention, arouse interest, arouse thinking.
(2) arouses a problem. "Learn result to think of, think of result from doubt " , thinking is sent at the problem, doing not have thinking is not because of the problem hair. Accordingly, teacher whether arouse a problem effectively, it is to spark the key of student thinking.
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