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One, discover a way
Discover the way says to settle issue way again. It is the curiosity of children, good with adolescent ask, good the psychological feature that use is a basis, lead a student around particular problem, according to teacher and the data that teaching material provides, let themselves discover problem, analysis problem is mixed solve a problem, make themselves makes active detector of knowledge, is not knowledge is inactive the person that accept.
1. discovers the basic function of the law
(1) arouses wisdom potential. The essence of discovery is a phenomenon " reorganize " or " changeover " , make people is able to surmount a phenomenon, undertake assorted again, obtain thereby " new realization " .
(2) fosters immanent motive. The person has the reward that have the aid of discovers to itself place is offerred, namely the tendency that ego award promotes study activity. Accordingly, discovery study can make the student casts off foreign motive action, the expectation that is like parents, teacher or authoritative character, praise drive, and huge interest, force and immanent motive are obtained in ego discovery.
(3) learns the skill of discovery. There is the person that carries out experience the more in this respect, jump over the means that can induce study into a kind of dug, they also discover ability with respect to what believe their more.
(4) discovers the law is helpful for memorial maintenance.
2. handles the main demand that discovers a way
(1) is in in discovering law teacher and student, the teacher is the adviser that coachs him student gets knowledge, accordingly, must try to bring the enthusiasm of student learning, initiative and consciousness into play. For this, the teacher should create a kind to be helpful for the atmosphere that the student ponders over independently hard, arrange as far as possible a few abound the setting of discovery and opportunity, announce a few have the problem that causes a gender, how does guidance observe, comparative thing and the method that analyse a problem, the discovery of stimulative student, help student is searched and examine a data, guide a student to make the conclusion that accords with logic.
(2) is unripe to pupil and junior high school, want to produce the effect of direct teaching aid adequately, pass the actual observation of realia or graph and analysis, the reflection that promotes them discovers, promote the perceptual thinking transition to rational thought.
(3) discovers the law asks pedagogic be proficient in concerns the basic structure of course, understand and master a scientist to undertake the common procedure of creation, so that camera is revulsive, timely inspire, those who close to set out shows a process is migratory.
(4) discovers the way says natively to learning is discovery study, the teacher does not regard the student as the person that passive knowledge is accepted, be in consequently guide, in inspiring student ego to discover problem, analysis problem and the process that solve a problem, want to often encourage self-confident heart of the student, make they believe they can discover a problem not only, and rely on his knowledge and wisdom also can solve a problem. In the meantime, the attention is in education process, education student studies the interest of the problem, nurturance thinks, the convention that tells science.
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