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Circumstances pedagogy implements a standard

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One, problem circumstances pedagogy
Problem circumstances pedagogy is used namely and activate circumstances of a problem, make the student faces specific problem, in order to stimulate the initiative of student thinking, guide them to explore the method of a kind of teaching of the problem independently.
The function of law of 1. problem circumstances
(1) is learning the problem situation that creates in unripe consciousness, it is a kind of active effective stimulation, it can lead the interest that the student knows, arouse the desire of dug, cause as rational as what solve job progress to concern affection and experience.
(Pedagogy of 2) problem circumstances can promote children thinking by sensibility to reason, by specific transfer to abstraction.
2. handles the main demand of problem circumstances law
(The new opposite sex of 1) formally. Circumstances is the exciter of relation of student perception thing and process, once circumstances appears at the moment in the student, feel an object with respect to what become a student. But, if circumstances is common, for many times reduplicative thing, often draw the interest that does not have a student, cannot draw the student's attention. Teacher in activate some is planted when problem circumstances, must consider the new opposite sex of circumstances above all, make the student obtains new feeling as far as possible, so as to arouses student observation and the passion that study situation.
(The vivid sex on 2) content. The purpose of circumstances education is to develop train of thought, in education process, understand to help a student and master teaching material, raise a few typical and deep questions, do it activate a new situation, cause pendent but the psychological spirit that must solve again, this to arousing student thinking have active sense. Want to achieve such result, the new opposite sex of formally of not only Lai Yu, more important is content those who go up is unripe
Use a sex. When wanting to make the student is undertaking observe and reflection to problem circumstances, get from which not only education and inspire, and the pleasure that still gets knowing a thing.
(The inspiration on 3) method quality. The method of activate circumstances is very much, like experiment of character of expression movement, language, music, drawing, film, direct teaching aid, imitate, look around, the exercitation is waited a moment. Circumstances itself is not education purpose, is the means that serves for education purpose only, accordingly, when pedagogy of particular executive situation, must set out from teaching material characteristic and education purpose, the inspiration that notices a method to go up quality. Make the student is when perception and understanding circumstances, be inspired from which, development is intellective.

2, experimental pedagogy
Experimental pedagogy, it is a student in the teacher guidance falls, apply certain instrument, equipment to undertake becoming independent working, take knowledge with be being obtained directly through observation and the change that analyse a thing, develop experiment and the method of a kind of teaching that handle mastery of a skill or technique.
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