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Self-study coachs pedagogy implements a standard

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Alleged self-study coachs education, it is a student the guidance in the teacher and coach next undertaking teaching oneself, win the way of capacity of knowledge, development, a kind of study that forms self-study habit.

One, self-study coachs the program of classroom education
The classification of 1. classroom education
Can divide according to education content wait for notional class, example class and brief summary class; By the organization the form can be divided read class, training course, discussion class, review class, comment and appraise (tuitional) class, test subject and integrated class. It is the integrated tax that uses band of 3 kinds of two classes commonly.
2. the main link of every class
(1) organizes education: This link is perforative from beginning to end, finish with assuring those who teach oneself teaching job.
(2) assigns study content: Make clear the task of this study, decide whole class pace.
(3) coachs the student reads an exercise: Of the student read, the exercise is self-study coachs the important segment in education, the teacher wants serious guidance, give time to assure, should occupy 30~35 commonly minute.
(4) observes the examination studies the effect: The teacher wants serious observation, understand a student really to knowledge " feedback " , so that place the task of one pace truly, whether to discuss, brief summary or assign new job.
(5) seasonable aggrandizement knows: The self-study that the teacher discovers a student, task is proper, seasonable aggrandizement, the common error to most person is issueing a class to try to generalize brief summary in the begining, give aggrandizement.
(6) assigns task of the study after the class: Can include content of prepare lessons before class, requirement, outside reading data. The half-baked exercise inside the class, class hind is finished, because of the person different.
2, self-study coachs the particular way of education experiment
Self-study coachs education divides probably for 4 phase:
1. basically is to impart the student reads a means, requirement student can read teaching material basically, can understand the meaning of a word correctly, learn generalize paragraph of meaning. This phase about 1 ~ 2 weeks of time.
2. basically lets a student get used to self-study to coach the study means of education, form self-study to be used to gradually. About two months control this level.
3. gets used to self-study to coach quite in the student education form, preliminary on the basis that forms self-study habit, strengthen the independence in learning a process. This one phase needs half an year to come one year about time.
4. student gets used to self-study completely to coach form, form good self-study to be used to, in teaching oneself a process, develop independent character adequately.

3, self-study coachs the quality index of education
Self-study coachs the success or failure of education, its assess index to be 4 respects:
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