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The structure is directional pedagogy implements a standard

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One, the structure is directional education thought
Structure, directional education thought, it is education, pupil learns the basis, and the nature of ability, moral character puts forward. The system that the theoretical foundation of this one thought is education is delivered by viewpoint and experience say; The acceptance of student learning, construction says; The apperception experience of student ability, moral character says. Structure, directional education thought, the primary purpose of education depends on making the student is formed, the psychological structure that develops certain competence and moral character, want to quicken the formation of the psychological structure of ability and moral character, the psychological law that must study according to the student, implement directional education.

2, executive structure is directional the premise of education
1. teachs learned guiding ideology rightly, make clear the right way of educational reform
Want to insist to be guidance with the method of the dialectical materialism, analyse the essence of the study of education, student and ability deep. The essential point of directional education is in the structure to reach study rule of the student at essence of requirement basis education, according to " 3 are faced " directive, improve education result, quicken a talent to foster.
2. begins the research of student learning rule extensively deep
Structure, the result of directional education is final be the degree that masters with student rule is move. Reason must grasp the pattern of the following respects:
(1) because the main body that the student is study, reason must study the learns motive and enthusiasm formation that masters a student develops the rule.
(2) knowledge is the compositive element of ability, the control of each knowledge in must considering to master each discipline the rule.
(3) skill is the compositive element of ability structure, must study each skill in mastering each discipline reachs his to grasp the pattern.
(4) studies those who master all sorts of thoughts and behavior standard to accept the rule.
(5) must consider to master study migratory rule; Those who include intellectual skill and thought moral character is migratory.
Pattern of 3. basis study is logical solve problem of method of macroscopical and microcosmic teaching
Structure, directional education must adopt certain education measure finally, particular teaching method talent comes true.
(1) macroscopical pedagogy. Point to the overall design of each family education, its core is the processing of element of teaching material composition and administrative levels, alignment. This is about sex of education overall situation decision-making (or say the strategy is decision-making) .
(2) microcosmic pedagogy. Those who point to all sorts of teaching material is specific the processing that transfers a process, education process namely education procedure is particular arrangement, the design that its core is education program and carry out, it is the local sex about education decision-making or call tactics decision-making.
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