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Maths " simple calculation " draft saying a tax

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One, say teaching material:
" simple calculation " this one class is people education press the 8th maths the content of the 3rd unit P44. It is the meaning that had mastered multiplication in the student and exchange a law to multiplication, combine a keep under control, the law that allocates law and division had what teacher and student has on the foundation of preliminary understanding. Do one's best highlights this section class to be with student development this educational thought, so whole education process asks to learn independently with the student, own exploration is given priority to, pass the student's observation, baconian, apply wait for mathematical study form, the exploration sex that lets a student experience mathematical problem and challenge sex. The student applies multiplication adroitly to be united in wedlock law and wait for even the simple calculation that divide a few law and in front place of a class learns knowledge and today's content to be contacted, undertake simple calculation better thereby, achieve the end that uses neatly and result.

2, homiletic law:
The teaching material content according to this section class and weave characteristic, to stress a focal point effectively, breakthrough difficulty, according to cognitive rule of the student, use self-study discussion law to have teacher and student. Teachers and students makes what induce appropriately or sum up a gender explain; to undertake consolidating practicing finally. Teach a law through this kind, guide a student to put forward a problem adequately to discuss an issue adequately, reflect main body sex of the student adequately, the teacher is student learning only is preceptorial, mobile organizer.
3, say to learn a way:
The pupil learns independently, the method of group communication, make the student becomes the host of study, cogent the purpose that improves classroom education efficiency. Teacher of change past " teachs, the student listens to the traditional teaching mode of " .
4, say education goal:
(One) intellectual skill target
1. application multiplication combines law and the simple method that eliminate repeatedly to undertake simple calculation.
2.The diversification be in harmony that makes the problem solves politic diversification and computational method is an organic whole.
(2) process and method:
Experience observation through the student, wraparound process, understanding multiplication combines a keep under control, pass an experience, comprehend, apply multiplication to exchange a law, combinative rule undertakes simple calculation.
(3) affection manner target:
Comprehend the immanent connection of mathematical knowledge through learning, arouse the interest of student learning mathematics.
5, say a focal point, difficulty:
The combines a keep under control significance that understands multiplication and apply.
Applied multiplication combines law and the simple method that eliminate repeatedly to undertake simple calculation.
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