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My humble opinion of character of psychology of elementary school teacher

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Mental health points to a kind of when form on the intelligent foundation of normal evolution good individual character, ability of fine profit issue and ego potential are the greatest the psychology of play is idiosyncratic structure. Pedagogic mental health is the requirement that is engaged in teaching education to work. Teacher, should be for division model. Normal school person, learn to be division high, be Fan Ye personally. The ancients says: "Just person, of heart endowment also; Heart person, the Shuai Ye of ability " . Current society, moral view, viewpoint of value; Show diversity characteristic, establish morality of a tall thought, gao Zhi knows capacity, the pedagogic team of healthy psychology quality is executive quality education and the urgent need that modern information teachs. Value education of mental health of elementary school teacher, breeding character of psychology of health of elementary school teacher is the key that pushs new course reform. In one individual a suit, it is the following to pupil that the casting of psychology of health of elementary school phase is become grow crucial.
Current, our country is undertaking a deep education changes. Fundamental education wants by " should try education " change direction to improve national quality in the round " quality is taught " , face all student, face the thought ethics that raises a student, culture science, work skill and body psychology quality, stimulative student develops actively livelily. Want implementation to teach this to weigh about-face, teacher, especially elementary school teacher is the most primary power source from beginning to end. On August 1, 2002, print and distribute of Ministry of Education " compendium of guidance of mental health of teacher of middle and primary school " point out clearly: Want to take pedagogic mental health seriously to teach the job. As " the decision that teachs about deepening educational reform to boost quality " and " the decision that teachs reform and evolution about the foundation " promulgate and carry out smoothly, teacher and teaching staff take the research of pair of this one problem seriously more and more, devote oneself to to develop the psychological character of pupil health. Accordingly, teacher of broad elementary school realises deeplier and deeplier also with the teaching staff, the psychological character of health of elementary school teacher is the requirement that pupil mental health expands; Also decided elementary school teacher must have healthy psychological quality consequently. Otherwise, will teach a career to bring inestimable instep influence to whole elementary school. The author from at present the current situation of character of psychology of team of elementary school teacher is mixed the angle that improves quality of team of elementary school teacher, shallow talk about a few understanding.
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