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The poor student that is had to decide by female teacher

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The pity that is eaten to decide by female teacher student

Term begins a week, occasionally the class does not have red flag of flow of get the opportunity, feel suddenly error do not have face, decide to use then meeting class comes to the class this afternoon a general mobilization that contend for a banner. Above all, guide whole class to be stand in silent tribute of lost that flame standard 3 minutes occasionally (of the raise after oring first say, the purpose is production bitterness atmosphere, benefit at from the back at a dash) . Next, whole class recollects erst extraordinary years stiff, this Ban Mou's classmate picks up such as school card can hand over to the collective or the state; XX classmate is helped jointly via everybody eventually " make work one week " progress arrives " 3 days make work " etc. . . (arouse everybody of centripetal force say) . Ah, these thing classics occasionally so one apply colours to a drawing, became the touching romaunt of ghosts and gods of sob of Jing heaven and earth simply, force of extremely rich appeal. Whole class classmate lets so that burn with righteous indignation And hot tear is filled with the socket of eye, feel oneself class is how outstanding, cannotting get a red flag is how mysterious. Next each be eager for doing sth, excited little face is aglow, hate cannot be held in the arms red flag Gui Yixue is deeply immediately the shame that breaks a red flag. See an opportunity already arrived occasionally, with respect to fire of final fan fan: We should dare to say ' I can go ' , we not only should dare to carry in those days brave, should dare to return more in those days brave! Classroom a hush! So static that can hear the heartbeat of everybody! Hey, have the door, thinking over! Feel happy secretly occasionally, be full of expect the ground to waiting for big guy of ablaze Chen Ci make known one's position. Eventually, monitor ' vacate ' the ground stood: "Teacher, you are at ease, we assure this a week recapture a red flag, you are good with respect to look! " occasionally a rapture, hey, child can teach also! Look I am making field of student thought job still is of full success! I press inner joyance, tender ground light tone asks: "So how will everybody give real operation? " " this week is week of our class value, we will go to the cent that fastens a class dead in buckle, our class raise high, return anxious so does our class cannot get a red flag? " ground of extremely self-confident have a well-thought-out plan says the squad leader. I dizziness one blast, a warm blood emerged wind. . . . . .

Go up from one schoolboy body one of these day ferret one lighter, this can disobey school regulations badly! I bring back him the office is cross-questioned.

Master: Why to take lighter to come to the school?

Unripe: Play.
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