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The bottom class in a kindergarten turns education case " literacy 3 "

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The bottom class in a kindergarten turns education case " Literacy3"

Schoolteaching content: Person teaching edition one grade the 2nd the 3rd unit literacy 3

The person that give lessons: Shui Ying

Shui YingDesign a conceptDesign a concept

In the concept of curricular standard guidance falls, combinative the bottom class in a kindergarten changes the characteristic of education, the education of this class designs do one's best to reflect: 1, teachers and students, unripe those who be born is interactive. 2, education and mobile photograph are united in wedlock. 3, face collectivity, heterogeneous education. 4, be aimed at individual, coessential activity.

Coessential activity.. Teaching material analysisTeaching material analysis

The 3 forms with two pairs present literacy, content with nature be closely bound up. Two pairs circumstances is beautiful, language fine, read rise able to read aloud fluently of the sound of reading aloud, benefit feels at developing student sign, accumulate a language. Education should highlight the training of literacy method, value the education of literacy ability. "In a gentle and mild way " , " a variety of colour " , " picturesque scenery " , " charactizing a fine spring day " these a few idiom are to appear for the first time, the understanding of the language and apply still need to help. "Frost, face, glow, willow, poplar " glyph of these a few words is more similar, student inconvenience is divisional, their admit to read and remember need to coach mainly.

Their admit to read and remember need to coach mainly..
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