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Ugly small duckling (person teaching edition is mandatory)

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[the student is analysed]
Andersen fairy tale is the reader that the high school student loves, other and artistic form if the film, sculpture, comic, reading often also be subject matter with Andersen fairy tale. The student knows the story of ugly small duckling in the artistic form that never already was the same as possibly, elementary school also has learned the story of the easy to read and understand ugly small duckling after adapting, this is the advantage that learns this text.
However, a lot of students often stay in the understanding of surface layer only, to the place in this story accumulate contained life philosophy, it is to ugly small duckling in harsh environment the spirit of constantly strive to become stronger, lack thorough reflection however. The teacher wants watchful guiding when education.

[education suggests]
The teacher is in education process, should notice to guide a student to be like to the basiccest term above all " deformed, deride, envious, the force with which sth breaks out is roaring " wait accumulate and apply; Want to notice to undertake reading the guidance of the respect next, want to regard reading material as the text, those who raise a student read capability; Again, the life that should lead a student to contact his is real, derive the mental nutrition of this fairy tale, comprehend the real significance of figure of ugly small duckling, arouse them to treat all sorts of difficulty in the life bravely, arrowy annals not the ideal that change ground goes after him. Interact through teachers and students and learn independently, know ego correctly, establish the courage of conquer difficulty and perseverance, arouse a student to read the interest of Andersen fairy tale at the same time. In the education of the article, but according to " read independently -- thorough make a thorough inquiry -- appreciate is extended " train of thought organizes education. Conditional school can organize a student to watch " ugly small duckling " phonic resembling data or cartoon book, still can search the material that concerns with Andersen to the net, extend intellectual range of the student.
In the study of the article, the student should notice to feel article desire from whole, use law of punctuate draw the outline of to know the lot of ugly small duckling, understanding ugly small duckling is ego portraiture of the author; The attention experiences, think over, understand ugly small duckling the real significance of this one figure; Want to notice to undertake deep-seated appreciate to the article additionally, the beauty of comment on article, the artistic glamour of appreciate fairy tale.

[education is designed]
One, guide
Classmates, we studied last term one is full of gout and sagacious fairy tale -- " imperial new clothes " its author is -- (student: Andersen) . Another work that we study him today " ugly small duckling "
2, education process
1. reads a text, whole feels article desire, hold ugly small duckling this one artistic figure.
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