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" red Lou Meng " clue billows (the section is chosen) (person teaching edition i

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" " red Lou Meng " clue billows " (the section is chosen) teaching plan

One, education target: 1, learn how the clue design of appreciate literature work. 2, learn paradigmatic way.

2, education tentative plan: Reasonable undertake teaching material conformity, " < red Lou Meng > clue billows " arrangement at the 3rd unit " Bao Yu takes a beating " hind, literary appreciate should be built go up in deeper to literary work understanding foundation.

3, education period: One class hour

4, education measure: 1, ask a student to summarize a text " Bao Yu takes a beating " clue, make a student clear " Bao Yu takes a beating " reason and process.

2, the experience that the article discusses Cao Xueqin to arrange clue billows, does the author think " red Lou Meng " what is the total characteristic that the clue designs?

Clear: Be good at lifting billows in flat life

3, fine read a text, say " does Bao Yu take a beating " what characteristic does clue design have? Specific by which a few respects to undertake elaborating? Summarize the point of view of this a few respects please.

Clear: "Bao Yu takes a beating " the main characteristic that the clue designs: Layer upon layer matting, choose climax.

Specific elaborate by tripartite face:

(1) the formation of the climax has inevitability (the inevitability that has a society; The inevitability that has a plot)

(2) the organization of the climax has administrative levels to feel (concealed of clue with one climax following another is shown, a general name for arteries and veins is trenchant, gradational and alternate goes up into ground choose)

(3) the happening of the climax has chance (contingency produced very big effect for the climax arrival of inevitability)

4, find out Wen Zhongyun to use paradigmatic language please sentence, seeing the person that regard is how of quote example, think worth while study to have what writing experience.

5, the exercise after the class: Read " red Lou Meng " the 77th " garden of the grand sight that copy check " , comparative " garden of the grand sight that copy check " with " Bao Yu takes a beating " two articles, try to say " garden of the grand sight that copy check " what does one article still have to highlight a characteristic on clue design?

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