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" lily of the valley is spent " classroom memoir (take as an elective course of

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One, guide new tax
Master: Person somebody language, the flower has beautiful sign. People is in long-term life practice, formed relatively fixed implied meaning to a few flowers. [Umbriferous: Rose picture] unripe: Rose, the love of implied meaning chasteness, happiness often is in etc. [Lily picture] unripe: Lily, the implied meaning hundred years close very much, the career is successful etc. [Carnation picture] unripe: Carnation, implied meaning the real situation, blessing, healthy wait forever.
Master: Really pretty good, show classmates are encyclopedical and solid knowledge foundation.
[Bell orchid picture] master: What flower is this? (student silent)
Master: This is bell orchid, classmates unfamiliar, and in the west very common flower, in France annual still held on May 1 " bell orchid section " still have a fokelore about flower of lily of the valley.
[Umbriferous: "The fokelore of bell orchid " ] (one student is recited) fabulous Adam and Eve believe what one hears big viperine crammer, ate forbidden fruit secretly, the forest guards hair of heart of accept of divine thunder Europe to swear to kill big poisonous snake. Shengleiounade and big poisonous snake fight, exhausted finally with perish together of big poisonous snake. On his postmortem land, grew to open white floret, shape to be like the has sweet smell lily of the valley of little small bell. The bell orchid that grows on frozen land is Shengleiounade is reincarnate, condensed his blood and energy spirit. Send close friends bell orchid, happy look can become of on person collecting a flower.
[Division] : Symbolizing in western bell orchid " happy " . The author Wo Lanci of the article is the writer with Yugoslavia well-known Slovenian.
[Umbriferous] Wolanci (1893, 1950) , masterpiece is tasted " fight with water " " arson person " " marriageable " " arrive from Keteli Beiliwode " " our boundary stone " etc, he is in countryside soil is old, in the World War II long-term by convict at concentration camp. In Yugoslavia important place is had in modern literature.
2, text grinds read
1. Master: What story did the article tell through bell orchid?
(the student is in below you my one language ground expresses one character view, induce all one's life)
Unripe: I what do not arrive 6 years old go alone for the first time " Tartarean " depasture, escape because of fear, be in bravely in some day early morning again " Tartarean " adopt the old practice that answered orchid of a big bell.
2. Master: This classmate is generalized first-rately, hold to the content of text very accurate, language precise and appropriate. So why I am opposite " Tartarean " be such fear?
Unripe: The first paragraph of the article is opposite " Tartarean " made detailed picture, here is unfrequented, spooky, "The thing that has life exclusively is spring " , but " the noise that brook does not cease day and night cheated more mysterious colour to this ghastly and dread place. But " the noise that brook does not cease day and night cheated more mysterious colour to this ghastly and dread place..
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