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Bell of pluvial continuous heavy rain (Su Jiao edition is tall one mandatory)

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Slope is in east jade hall (the official signs) day, have Mu Shishan song, (Su Shi) because ask: "Willow of my word how about 7 (Liu Yong) ? " to saying: "In Liu Lang (Liu Yong) word, add up to ten 78 young woman only, hold red tooth board, song ' month of damage of wind of willow bank dawn ' ; Bachelor (Su Shi) the word must close on the west big fellow, cupreous lute, tie Chao board, sing ' great river east go ' . Slope shakes his side for it east.
-- Yu Wenbao " the collection that blow a sword "
Liu Yong of bell of pluvial continuous heavy rain
Cold cicada is mournful, late to growing booth, rest at the beginning of the brash. Door account drink does not have mood, be reluctant to leave place, lan Zhou is urged hair. Hold hand photograph sees tearful eyes, do not have unexpectedly language coagulate choke. Read aloud, mist-covered water of a thousand li, day of Hunan of Shenyang of evening mist Shenyang is broad.
Amorous hurt since ancient times parting. More that can is desolate Qing Qiujie! Today does night liquor wake where? Month of damage of wind of willow bank dawn. This goes classics year, should be nominal of fine time good situation. Even if have 1000,plant amorous feelings, more say with He Ren!
Attend reflect on an ancient event of slave charming Chibi
Great river east go, billow is cleaned out, thousand ancient talented person. On the west of reason base, humane be, chibi of man of week of the Three Kingdoms. Riprap is worn empty, jing billows takes a bank, furl 1000 caboodle snow. Beautiful scenery, temporarily how many hero.
Yao thinks Gong Jin in those days, small Qiao Chu was married, heroic posture flower is sent. Feather towel of fan black silk ribbon, between Tan Xiao, mast scull ash flying smoke destroys. Homeland is visited mentally, amorous should laugh at me, give birth to China hair early. Life is like a dream, one honour still pour a libation Jiang Yue.

Think and discuss:
1, what reason do you consider as to bring about Song Ci to appear " is graceful and restrained sent " and " is bold and unconstrained sent " difference? Be because,of the writer differ and arise? Is the divisional base point of this two cliques a word is making still word person?
2, you prefer among them which one style, why?

Look at tide (Liu Yong)
Southeast form is gotten the better of, 3 Wu Dou is met, qian Tang since ancient times flourishing. Smoke willow draws the bridge, wind shade emerald green act, irregular 100 thousand other peoples. Yun Shu circles bank sand, furious billows coils frost snow, natural moat does not have limit. City lists a gem, door be filled with Luo Qi, excessive of contest a person of extraordinary powers.
Heavy lake folds Yan Qing Jia. Have 3 Qiu Guizi, 10 lis of lotus. Qiang Guan Longqing, night of extensive of water chestnut song, play play angles child of old man lotus. 1000 ride have tall tooth, take drunk beat audition xiao, chant is admired mist and clouds in the twilight. Different day plan will be good scene, boast of Gui Qufeng pool.
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