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Poem two (person teaching edition is mandatory)

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[Student analysis]
" poem two " it is foreign poetry, the text writes life, with grow about. Although learn unripe easier understanding from literal, but the poetry with general unlike has sex of figure sex, lyricism, music, content of these two poems is actually more implicative. In education, learn the difficulty of this poem to depend on, teacher how the content of itself of according to poetry and form, let a student understand the symbolic significance of poetry, how does the teacher guide a student to contact oneself actual, experience the life philosophic theory of poetry deep, begin to ponder over life viatic big question.
[Education proposal]
The student combines his life experience and experience of life, on the foundation that turns over iteration to read, the place in understanding two poems accumulate contained philosophy, experience the poet's positive life attitude, because appreciate chooses the route of life discreet with helpless and caused deep feeling, experience chooses life viatic to abound connotation, improve the knowledge to life, develop healthy philosophy. Of poem of preliminary understanding philosophic theory read a means, the society is used " chant ━ comprehends ━ delibrate ━ migratory " methodological study poetry. Recital " if the life cheated you " , perusal " the route that did not choose " .
As read a text oneself, can a few important problem helps learn physiology Qing Dynasty and understanding implied meaning. Can press in education " chant ━ comprehends ━ delibrate ━ migratory " train of thought undertakes education is designed, strengthen chant, through turning over iteration to read, the life philosophy that the thought feeling that experiences a poet and Shi Zhongyun contain, stimulative expression, thinking and the synchronism that use capacity rise. Respect place of student appreciate main body, with the individual appreciation experience gives priority to a when him choice likes, show the reason that oneself like, contact in order to promote a student actual, know oneself life with what learning to come.
[Education design]
One, guide
On the road that grow, sunshine is aspersed constantly full your heart, but harships comes unexpectedly possibly also. Face the storm of the life, we should take what kind of attitude, if face life viatic choice, are we become again how? We learn today " poem two " , how do seeing poetic Pu Xijin and Frost think.
2, education process

If the life cheated you
1. whole is felt
Teacher: We learn first " if the life cheated you " , this poem writes the day that Yupuxijin is exiled by czar, it is the neighbour Ao Xibo that is written in him with sending poetic form the suddenly of daughter Xie Fu of child pulls Ke Xiya • Nigulayefuna on autograph book of • Fu Lifu. After this poem comes out, a lot of people write down it on jotter, become the maxim with him ongoing drive. Ask him everybody to browse this poem now. Think " if the life cheated you " what is those who point to?
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