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Deng Jia first (person teaching edition is mandatory)

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[Student analysis]
Character biography, it is the high school student likes one of reading extracurricular reader most. Renown people develops made outstanding contribution for human history, often be people place respect and admire. 7 grade student is in life viatic start, they give famous person naturally the God that adores for oneself, everywhere celebrity of follow the lead of.
" Deng Jia first " it is the biography of the first celebrity that the student contacts in middle school phase, the teacher should seize this one moment, had done the guiding of face of the following tripartite: ① this article length is longer, the student is read rise to hold not easily possibly from whole, the teacher should guide a student to hold article train of thought correctly. The article is different from ② general character biography, the author has traditional eye already, have historical view again, want to guide a student to understand the intention with rich text, experience dark feeling. ③ article language has distinguishing feature very much, guide a student to be experienced seriously, try to use the writing practice at oneself.
[Education proposal]
Xie Shengtao once had said, the purpose that culture and education learns the country, the habit of the book is read in nurturance, implantation admires literary ability, training writes literal skill. Dewey of beautiful state religion Home Yo puts forward " education lives namely " , call education to return to the life, the individual character that pays attention to children develops. New " Chinese course standard " stressed 4 concepts, namely: Raise Chinese accomplishment of the student in the round; Hold the characteristic that Chinese teachs correctly; Propose the study way of own, collaboration, dug actively; Build open and strong Chinese course hard, what see course of perforative and whole Chinese not hard still is the development with promoting a student is this. What is meant by " development is this " ? Let all students develop actively can livelily namely, make their potential gets the development of utmost, integral quality gets comprehensive ground develops, individual character gets developing adequately. Because of this education to the article, because length is longer,the author thinks, content is deeper, can plan to set discuss a subject for the problem, relevant setting data is collected before allowing student class at the same time, for Jie Wenzhang content makes bedding. Its are specific the target is as follows:
One, perusal text, whole feels text content, crosshead of have the aid of, repeat generalizes article content, train of thought of manage clear article.
2, pass subvocal with con, fathom statement of the key in article, comprehend an author to blend in the deep feeling of an end, learn Deng sow Xian Wei's great patriotism mind.
3, through reciting, the parallelism in experience article, comparative, cite wait for rhetorical gimmick apply and a changeful type characteristic, use carry out at writing.
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