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Master: A moment ago talked about climate to mention Zhu Guangqian with a few classmates, I am very amazed, they do not know to have actually so an aesthetic Great Master. (is there unripe laugh) what do you laugh at?
Give birth to 1 : Laugh at their ignorant.
Master: So say... good, ask you to attend one class to them.
Give birth to 1 : Zhu Guangqian is an aesthetic Great Master, " letters talking about the United States " the masterpiece that is him.
Master: Had been you read " letters talking about the United States " ?
Give birth to 1 : Without. I this " historical novel of the Three Kingdoms " from the back say this is high school gives birth to a book that should read. (unripe laugh)
Master: Do not laugh, he that " historical novel of the Three Kingdoms " it is high school gives birth to one of series to read surely. You can read extracurricular book actively is very good habit, and the booklist that still can notice back cover, everybody should learn to him. " letters talking about the United States " read the summer vacation that serves as classmates the book. Who still understands the more situation of this aesthetic Great Master?
Unripe 2: Be like you to ever had said his famous remark to us, what be " be born " and " into the world " .
Master: "The career that makes a life with the spirit that be born " , the meaning that understands this word?
Unripe 2: Should be fame and gain of not seek fame and wealth, work seriously.
Master: You say well. This word of Mr Zhu also should make the social standard of current common people. Content is about to expand, utility is consummate, the heart of a lot of people is blundering, lack the spirit that sureness works. Mr Zhu is an aesthetic Great Master, be engaged in aesthetic studying the work all one's life, devote oneself to to translate western beauty to learn famous book, in respect of critically and successive aesthetic bequest, made fruitful effort, his " the west is aesthetic history " it is China the work that the first system discusses western aesthetic history. His aesthetic theory is in China one group is become oneself in aesthetic now genre, the impact is very big. Read his article, what we can experience him is rigorous and serious. Ask everybody to consult a dictionary, explain " nit-pick on words " .
Unripe 3: Overly weigh one's word, multi-purpose will point to dead pay too much attention to the shades of meaning of words and do not comprehend mental essence.
Master: This is not a good word, derogatory sense. Zhu Guangqian is advertised wantonly in article however " nit-pick on words " , is this why? Ask everybody to take the first stroke of a Chinese character, read a text quickly, having a look at Mr Zhu is how to understand " nit-pick on words " , inside Shanghaiguan of lay off photograph is allowed.
(unripe read 7 minutes)
Master: Which classmate comes?
Unripe 4: In the text " nit-pick on words " it is commendatory word. "Nit-pick on words, be in apparently the heft that resembling is consider character only, adjusting thought and feeling namely actually " .
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